Married at First Sight actor Domenica Calarco has invited Robert Irwin, who is also Australian, to join her for a beer after tagging him in a TikTok photo.

Irwin, who is now 18 and the son of the late Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin, has recently attracted a lot of attention, in large part because of a video that went viral showing the moment when a fan went to Australia Zoo to try and get a date with him.

And now Calarco, who made an appearance on Married at First Sight Australia’s most recent season, seems to be doing the same. The video that Calarco posted to TikTok with the caption, “Come meet me for a beer @Robert Irwin,” has since been taken down.

Hey Robert, I got a beer,” the 29-year-old said to the camera as she continued her speech in the video. Why don’t you join me for a drink over here?”

@domenica.calarco Come meet me for a beer @Robert Irwin #fyp #viral #melbourne ♬ Carry Anne – Leikeli47

“Robert, I was wondering whether you’d be interested in going to the Logies with me,” Calarco replied in response to a remark encouraging her to “ask him out.”

But while some of her fans appeared to be urging her to go for it, others seemed to be annoyed by the fact that they were 10 years apart in age.

It was “f**king weird,” one user said, while another questioned whether or not he was older than 18.

Calarco said, “Chill down, he’s of legal age, wonderful,” in response to one of the remarks.

Then another person said, “Only reasonable. But that  doesn’t make it acceptable.”

Others defended the reality television personality and maintained that she was merely “joking.”

One person wrote: “OMG, can everyone calm down.” This is a joke.

Further stating that “Just because someone wants to drink a beer with you does not signal they have any sexual desires with you,” another person who agreed with this statement continued.

Calarco continued to defend herself after being called “gross” by another user of the MAFS Uncensored Facebook page by saying, “In Australia, the legal age is 16. He is 18. He doesn’t have a problem with alcohol.”

“I may compliment his wonderful looks while inviting him to the Logies with me. Everyone should take a chill pill.”

Though it was later determined that Irwin never actually made contact with the her, he later claimed that the video “made his entire day.”