Imagine being told that your twin daughters would be born with Down syndrome. It’s a moment that would fill any parent’s heart with concern and uncertainty. That’s exactly what happened to Savannah Combs, a young and loving mother, as she embarked on a remarkable journey filled with love, strength, and hope.

Savannah discovered she was pregnant with twins at the age of 23 and couldn’t contain her joy. However, the news of their condition brought a cloud of worry. She knew that some people might judge her and her babies based solely on their diagnosis. But Savannah was determined to defy all odds and show the world the preciousness and beauty her daughters possessed.

With courage and a fighting spirit, Savannah shared her pregnancy journey with her twin daughters, Kennadi Rue and Mckenli Ackerman, on TikTok. Their inspiring story quickly captured the hearts of many, gathering a strong and supportive following. In one of her heartfelt videos, Savannah revealed that she had been advised to terminate her pregnancy, as doctors believed her babies wouldn’t survive. But she chose to give them a chance at life, filled with boundless love and unwavering determination.

As Savannah’s husband was away at boot camp, she faced the challenge of carrying her babies alone, until she learned that both twins would be born with Down syndrome. At 29 weeks pregnant, she was admitted to the hospital, where she bravely delivered Kennadi and Mckenli on May 12, 2021 – two months ahead of their due date. However, their journey was far from over. The twins had to spend several weeks in the NICU before they could finally come home.

“They’re what’s called mono-di twins,” Savannah explained. “They each had their own sacs, but they shared the same placenta, making them identical. It’s already extremely rare. And then you add Down syndrome on top of that, making it truly one in 2 million.”

But to Savannah, her daughters are no different from any other child. They have their own unique personalities, feelings, and a zest for life. Despite the challenges they may face, Savannah firmly believes that her daughters will overcome any obstacle. “They may reach their milestones a little later,” she lovingly shared, “but they will get there. These children are strong and joyful. They’ll surprise you with what they can accomplish.”

Savannah’s devotion to her daughters has not escaped the scrutiny of insensitive individuals on social media. But she remains graceful in the face of judgment. She asserts that her daughters are the most precious and loving beings, and that God entrusted these remarkable babies to the right parents – parents who would cherish and support them unconditionally, no matter what.

Kennadi Rue and Mckenli Ackerman are simply beautiful, inside and out. Their journey is a testament to the power of love and resilience. Savannah hopes to teach her daughters that they are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to – that they are no different from anyone else. Their story is one that deserves to be shared, inspiring others to embrace the uniqueness and extraordinary abilities of every individual.

Local twins with Down syndrome inspiring others

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