Black couple adopts three white kids and shares their journey: ”Families don't have to match”

The Longing for a Child

Sadie and Jarvis Sampson dreamed of becoming parents and starting a family together. They put their hearts into trying to conceive naturally, trying everything from ovulation tests to fertility treatments. But after enduring 14 months of disappointment and longing, their prayers seemed to go unanswered.

The Search for Answers

Feeling desperate for answers, Sadie and Jarvis decided to seek medical help. However, they were met with limited solutions and were advised to lose weight as a potential solution. In pursuit of their dream, Sadie underwent gastric surgery and shed 28 pounds. Although they hoped this would increase their chances of getting pregnant, their dream of having a biological child remained out of reach.

Sadie and Jarvis Sampson

A Life-Changing Text Message

Just when Sadie and Jarvis were starting to lose hope, a text message arrived that would change their lives forever. A friend reached out and asked if they would be willing to foster a baby in need of temporary care. Though hesitant initially, they chose to open their hearts and home to this child. Little did they know, this decision would lead them down an incredible path they never could have imagined.

From Fostering to Forever Family

What started as a temporary foster arrangement soon blossomed into an opportunity for adoption. The birth mother saw Sadie and Jarvis as the perfect parents for her child, and they gladly embraced their new roles as Mom and Dad. Overnight, their lives were forever transformed.

Sadie, Jarvis, and Baby Ezra

Welcome Baby Ezra: A Miracle in Their Arms

Baby Ezra Lee made his entrance into the world prematurely at just 33 weeks, weighing only 4 lbs., 5 oz. Sadie vividly recalls the first time she laid eyes on him, swaddled in a white blanket with pink and blue stripes. Despite his tiny size and the challenges he faced as a premature baby, his undeniable adorableness melted their hearts.

Unconditional Love Embraced

Sadie and Jarvis shared their joy on social media, and what happened next left them overwhelmed with gratitude. Friends and even strangers rallied behind them, purchasing 55 out of the 72 items on their registry within a mere three days. Their adoption of Ezra was officially finalized in October 2020, and they couldn’t help but celebrate with a heartwarming family photoshoot. Clad in matching t-shirts that read, “Families Don’t Have to Match,” they radiated love and happiness.

Expanding Their Heart and Home

In 2021, Sadie and Jarvis experienced another remarkable milestone as their family grew even bigger. They were blessed with twin girls, Journee and Destinee, through the miracle of embryo donation. These beautiful blessings completed their family, emphasizing the powerful truth that love knows no boundaries.

Sharing a Message of Love

Sadie, Jarvis, and their three incredible children are an inspiration to us all. Their story goes beyond appearances, genetics, or societal norms. It is a testament to the unbreakable bonds of love that create a true family. They remind us that, indeed, “Families Don’t Have to Match,” and that love ultimately knows no limits.

This remarkable family has so much wisdom and love to offer the world. Let’s help spread their inspiring story far and wide.