Tom, from England, never misses an occasion to show his feelings for his baby son Roman. However, when the couple’s public demonstrations of devotion were shared on social media, some people were not pleased.

The North England father, attacked for kissing his five-year-old son on the lips, refuses to back down from the trolls who accuse him of confusing his youngster.

The father fights back with some plain explanation and a lot of fun, and he has the support of Roman, who declares to the frightening users, “You are all crazy!”

A parent-child link is appealing and permanent, and it nourishes the morals, principles, and personality of the children as they grow.

Each parent has a unique method of raising their children, with some techniques affected by culture, socioeconomic considerations, mental and physical health, or personal preference.

Tom, from Yorkshire, England, is a committed father of two who refuses to let trolls and their nasty remarks influence his parenting style.

Women fall over the father’s crystal blue eyes, accent, finely sculpted and tattooed figure, or his devotion for his sons, 5-year-old Roman and Raphael Reign, born mid-May 2023, who he frequently posts videos on TikTok.

Many of the videos Tom now posts on TikTok feature him dealing with charges that he’s confusing Roman, putting him in danger of strangers or infection.

But Tom refuses to give up.

On June 27, the father from Northern England responded to a user who stated, “Just gorgeous both, but don’t kiss him on the lips.”


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Tom responded by emphasizing that he would shower his five-year-old kid affectionately for as long as permitted. “I find it troubling that it bothers you,” Tom replies. I will kiss my five-year-old kid on the lips for as long as I see fit and as long as he lets me, right, because I adore him and he’s my best friend, and one day he won’t want me to, and he probably won’t want much to do with me. So, for now, I’ll continue as I am.”

Fans responded with encouraging messages such as, “Love kisses with my kids and now my granddaughter-the people who think it’s wrong are the worry xx.” “ridiculous!” remarked another, who had lost her father. I used to kiss my father on the lips, and I lost him two years ago, and I wish I could snuggle and kiss him again.”

“He is the most loving little boy, and it’s because we raise him with love,” Tom said in response to the insightful words. Thank you for your feedback.”

However, one user’s egregious charge prompted the father to respond with a fast-response video. “Shouldn’t kiss him BECAUSE of the bacteria in your mouth,” the person writes. Did you know that if you have them and kiss them, you can make your child more (vulnerable) to cavities?”

Tom writes in a clever post with nearly 123,000 likes, “Wow. So when I kiss my five-year-old kid on the lips, he gets cavities. He’ll have cavities as a result of his father kissing him.” Tom then turns to Roman and inquires as to his thoughts. “Don’t be silly!” exclaims the child, giggling and sealing the sentence with a kiss on his father’s lips.

Fans were outraged by the unsubstantiated idea that Tom kissing Roman would create cavities. “omg…who educated that person…?” You kiss away, you two,” comments one, while another adds, “That is so ridiculous…and I work (with or as) a dentist.” Continue to be the kind father you are… “My son is adorable.”

Tom shared a now-viral video of himself in the car with Roman on his lap in early July. Tom writes in the post, which has nearly 579,000 likes, “Don’t worry. Absolutely nothing will change.” “Roman, what do you think of people who think you shouldn’t kiss me on the lips?” he asks his son.

“You’re all insane. That’s my father!” Roman states unequivocally. The video concludes with the couple enjoying a lovely kiss.


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Fans joined in to defend his cause and support the father, with one writing, “Some people are just sick; he is adorable and would soon tell ya when he gets older if he didn’t like it.” “We kiss on the cheeks in my culture,” comments another, “but I love that father-son relationship.”

One person responded, asking the Yorkshire father’s trolls, “Do you have a problem with him kissing him on the lips because he is a man?” Because I’m sure you wouldn’t if this was his mother.”

In response to that remark and thanking the woman for bringing the crucial message to light, Tom replies, “I have genuinely been real interested in knowing this because it is something I have also thought.” I honestly don’t think anyone would have said anything if it had been a mother kissing a child…When it’s a guy, a dad loving his little boy, something always gets said, and I’m not sure why because it’s always by this strange minority.” “I’m glad it’s a woman saying this as well, so I appreciate that…and I’m not changing anything,” he adds.

In another video, the father is visibly angry as he responds to a comment that claims the small boy’s lovely pecks may make him vulnerable to nasty people.

“Fact: Do not kiss your youngsters on the lips. Because, as you can see, not all humans have the best intentions. “Don’t make it acceptable!” exclaimed the author.


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“So the logic here is, if I kiss my five-year-old, he’ll think he can go off, and it’s okay to kiss strangers, strange adults… obviously!” Tom said. “So let’s apply that logic,” he said, holding back his laughter. “I can’t drive him somewhere anymore because he might hop in a stranger’s car and believe it’s normal. He can’t live in my house anymore…well, he might stroll into a stranger’s home and think that’s normal.”

The dedicated father suggested a new approach: “Or we could now hear me out, we could… Teach him that he has a mummy and a daddy and that kissing them is natural, but kissing dodgy Barry down the street is strange.”

The bulk of his cyber community supports Tom and praises the love he has for his son, and we’re glad to see that Tom doesn’t back down from online trolls who have no right to tell him how to parent!

What do you think of fathers kissing their children on the lips, and do you believe it’s acceptable for a mother to do the same?