The heart-wrenching story of Esra Haynes, a 13-year-old girl who lost her life to the dangerous craze of chroming, has left the nation in shock. Australian journalist Ally Langdon was visibly moved as she spoke with Esra’s grieving parents on A Current Affair.

Esra, an energetic young athlete known for her determination and talent, tragically fell victim to the allure of chroming, a trend that has gained popularity through social media. On March 31, while attending a sleepover, she inhaled an aerosol deodorant, seeking a lethal high. The consequences were devastating – Esra suffered cardiac arrest and permanent brain damage.

As Esra’s parents, Andrea and Paul Haynes, recalled the heartbreaking phone call that would forever haunt them, Langdon struggled to contain her tears. They had always been vigilant about knowing their daughter’s whereabouts, making this tragedy even more unfathomable.

Esra was rushed to the hospital, and her parents held onto hope that she would recover. But after eight days on life support, they received the heartbreaking news that her brain was beyond repair. The agonizing decision to turn off the machines had to be made.

Paul and Andrea described the indescribable pain of saying goodbye to their precious daughter. Esra’s siblings and friends were also shattered by the loss. The devastation of losing a child is immeasurable, and the community mourns along with the family.

Chroming, a deadly trend involving inhaling chemicals like deodorant, paint, hairspray, or markers, has been responsible for the deaths of numerous children in Australia and around the world. Organ failure, seizures, heart attacks, suffocation – the dangers are grave, and the consequences are irreversible.

Paul and Andrea, who had never even heard of chroming before this tragedy, are now determined to raise awareness about this fatal trend. They urge parents to have open conversations with their children, to educate them about the dangers firsthand, rather than relying on friends or social media.

The pain etched on Paul’s face as he shared their mission with Langdon was evident. He expressed regret at not being aware of this deadly trend while Esra was alive, hoping that with proper education and awareness, other families might be spared the same devastating loss.

Esra’s story serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to address the dangers of chroming. It’s a call for parents to take action, to have those gentle conversations with their children, and to ensure their safety. Together, we can prevent more senseless tragedies and protect the lives of our precious children.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Esra’s surviving family members, as well as the Haynes family, as they navigate through this unimaginable grief. Let us share this story far and wide, so that more parents can be empowered to save their children from the clutches of this fatal trend.