Birth, a joyous occasion, can also be a reminder of how delicate life is. Despite medical advancements, unforeseen complications can still occur. In this heartbreaking story, a family is left devastated after losing their loved one to a rare birthing issue. Read on to learn more.

Kelli Tyler, a young mother from Oklahoma, was eagerly awaiting the arrival of her fifth child. She happily shared updates about her pregnancy with her followers on social media. However, tragedy struck when Kelli unexpectedly passed away from a rare complication shortly after giving birth for the sixth time.

On the day before her passing, Tyler had changed her Facebook profile picture to reflect her excitement about the upcoming birth. Little did she know, her life would be cut short the following day.

According to Julie Roach, Tyler’s mother, the complication occurred when amniotic fluid entered Kelli’s bloodstream, causing her to lose more blood than her body could handle. The last words spoken by Kelli’s daughter were, “I’m about to faint.”

Amniotic fluid embolisms are a dangerous and life-threatening complication, as described by the Cleveland Clinic. They can occur during or shortly after childbirth. This condition is difficult to diagnose because its symptoms can mimic those of other serious childbirth complications.

The Cleveland Clinic’s website explains that some individuals have a severe allergic response to amniotic fluid mixing with their bloodstream, leading to potentially fatal outcomes such as cardiac arrest, difficulty breathing, or lung failure.

Roach vividly remembers her daughter’s final moments, where she would briefly regain consciousness before slipping away again. Meanwhile, Jalie, Kelli’s daughter, was being born. It remains uncertain whether Jalie’s difficult birth will have any long-term health implications, as that can only be determined as she grows older.

“Jalie won’t have the opportunity to meet her mom in person, but she will know her mom through photos and recordings that we will cherish,” Roach shared.

To assist with the unexpected medical expenses and ongoing needs of the newborn and the grieving family, a GoFundMe fundraiser has been set up. In just one week, the fundraising efforts have exceeded their initial goal threefold.

This heartbreaking story serves as a reminder of the importance of raising awareness about uncommon birth complications. Please share this story with others to show support for the Tyler family during their time of loss.

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Our hearts go out to the Tyler family as they navigate through this difficult time. Let us come together to spread awareness and support one another.