Halle Berry’s life was not always filled with Hollywood glitter and glamour. Her father left when she was four years old, splitting her family. In 1992, she said that her father hadn’t contacted her since he left.

Berry shook her head. Because of his alcoholism, he wasn’t such a nice presence in the home. “My childhood was traumatic. I had an alcoholic father who was verbally, emotionally, and physically aggressive,” she explained. “He tried his hardest, yet he let myself and my family down horribly.”

The actor began volunteering with domestic violence charities in Los Angeles after witnessing childhood abuse herself. Berry described how her husband kicked and abused her mother to the Jenesse Center. “She stayed too long, and her children, my sister and I, witnessed far too much.”

Halle Berry was exposed to discrimination at a young age after her mother relocated the family from Cleveland’s inner city to the suburbs, where the crime was lower but the majority of youngsters were white.

Berry said that the bullying was motivated by her race. “Because my mother was white and my father was Black… we were nicknamed Oreos and names that kids didn’t understand, and we were different.” 

“We were frequently teased,” the celebrity explained, adding that she compensated by working hard in school, eventually becoming a newspaper editor, class president, and cheerleader. “I was always trying to prove that I was as good as the other white students,” she explained.

Berry was eventually voted prom queen, but no one thought she could have done so without stuffing the ballot boxes. The actress later told that her need for acceptance from her peers was “sickening.” Berry shared the title of prom queen with her blonde runner-up.

Halle Berry struggled after leaving home to pursue a career as a model. Her mother inspired her independence. Berry’s mother refused to pay $1,300 in rent after a troublesome roommate moved out of their Chicago apartment. “She forced me to choose between drowning and swimming,” the actor explained. “After that, I became self-sufficient.”

Berry said that after taking the acting school in New York, she ran out of money. She was bankrupt three months later. Berry was enraged when her mother refused to send her money again, and they didn’t speak for a year.

“Giving up was never an option,” claimed the actor. “Pay attention to me. “I’ll take care of it.” Berry refused to leave New York, even spending the night in a homeless shelter. “Shelter living helped me work things out until I obtained a job as a waiter.” “I then bartended,” she explained. “Until I realized it.”

After months of hardship, Halle Berry got a break with “Living Dolls,” a 1989 spin-off of “Who’s the Boss?” She had no idea that a terrible day on set would lead to a week in a diabetic coma and a life-altering diagnosis.

“I was in need of energy but couldn’t find a chocolate bar. I had no idea what was wrong,” she explained. Berry passed out and ended up in the hospital a week later. As soon as she understood, doctors informed her that she had diabetes and required daily insulin shots. The actor recalled being told that she could lose her legs or vision. “I’m scared.”

Berry has been open about her health concerns since the pandemic. “I feel threatened,” the “Monster’s Ball” star said in 2020. “My quarantine and bubble are quite strict.” Berry said that her diabetes caused her to damage three ribs while filming “John Wick 3.”

Halle Berry is said to have lost 80% of her hearing in her left ear after a violent hit by a partner. Berry declined to name him but said in 1996 that he was “someone well-known in Hollywood,” and she ran away. “There were tire marks,” she points out. Berry stated that it has never been abusive before or subsequently. 

David Justice, her first husband, is angry because people believe it was his fault. “There has been this cloud over the guys who were acquainted with Halle back then for so many years,” he said in 2015. “David Justice never hit her, end of the story.” Instead, her ex-boyfriend, Christopher Williams, blamed Wesley Snipes.

According to People, Halle Berry met David Justice in 1992 during an MTV celebrity game and married him a year later. Unfortunately, they divorced in 1997. “We both admitted we’d made a mistake in our marriage,” Justice explained.

Berry later said that the breakup affected her. She contemplated suicide and once brought her two dogs to her car in order to asphyxiate herself. As she sat there waiting for everything to happen, the actor told Barbara Walters that she felt like someone was warning her, “Girl, don’t do it.”

Robert Downey Jr. broke Halle Berry’s arm while filming a scene in 2003. The accident happened while filming “Gothika,” a horror thriller set in a psychiatric facility. “It was somewhat of a fluke.” “The stunt coordinator was not present because it was not a stunt; no one was in danger.”

Although Downey Jr. officially admitted the incident, the “Catwoman” actor was still enraged at him for not reaching out to her. He didn’t seem apologetic enough to her. According to a Berry source, “he didn’t even send flowers.” She refuses to speak to him in town. His quick apologies were reported by Contact Music. “It was an accident,” says the “Iron Man” star. “I did everything I could to keep my side of the road clean. Best regards.”

Eric Benét, an R&B performer, confessed to infidelity and attended sex addiction rehab in 2002, thereby ruining Halle Berry’s second marriage.

Aubry battled for child support in court, despite Berry’s parental objections. According to AZ Central, the actor testified in court that he used racist slurs and lightened and straightened their daughter’s hair.

Aubry, Berry believed, was rejecting Nahla’s Blackness. Despite racist claims, Aubry received $16,000 per month from his celebrity ex, according to TMZ. Berry successfully argued that this high child support charge was excessive in 2021, and it was reduced by half.

Berry opened up about her tumultuous love life in a 2017 ET Online Q&A. “I’ve learnt to deal with three broken marriages, which hasn’t been easy, especially when there are children involved,” she explained, adding that being a mother was now her top concern.

“We go in there with that hope, so when it breaks apart, it seems like a great failure and a huge letdown,” the performer continued, admitting that she frequently felt guilty about her relationships. “I’ve been through a lot,” Berry said, claiming that each marriage taught her vital lessons. “Thank you,” she replied. “It’s been difficult. My life has been difficult.”