“I’m in a bad mood.”  Tori Spelling says she began having symptoms such as “dizziness” before the holidays and was eventually sent to the hospital.

“Here I am in [the] hospital since late last night,” the 49-year-old actress wrote on her Instagram Stories on December 21. ”  me after learning that I was too sick to work.”

“How about next time you take someone at face value and show kindness instead of doubtfulness,” the Beverly Hills, 90210 stars responded to her critics.

“Remember, being unemployed is a nightmare for someone like me,” the Troop Beverly Hills star added. “I’m a hard worker and a hustler. I always get to work on time.”

She went to the hospital because she was “low on oxygen,” according to Spelling. Her symptoms included “difficulty breathing, [with] elevated blood pressure, and acute dizziness,” according to her description.

The author of Spelling It Like It Is noted that the doctor is “performing a battery of tests” before adding, “I want to get home to my kids.”

Beau, the California native’s youngest kid, has been sick for the second time this month for more than a week.

Spelling revealed on December 11 via her Instagram Story that the poor kid missed three weeks of school due to illness. “I finally got him well and had him back in class for a week, and then he became sick again!”

At the time, the cohost of the “90210MG” podcast reported that 5-year-old Beau was running high fevers, spitting up, and was “extremely congested.”

Beau, one of Spelling and husband Dean McDermott’s five children, is battling the illness in preparation for the holidays. The Mommywood author disclosed on her Instagram Story on December 12 that her other two sons, Liam, 15, and Finn, 10, had become ill.

Stella, 14, and Hattie, 11, are Spelling and McDermott’s daughters, whom they married in 2016.

From his first marriage to Mary Jo Eustace when he was 24, the Canadian actor, 56, has a son named Jack.

McDermott’s son, according to Spelling, was staying with the couple a few days before her health issue. On the “ReWives” podcast on Monday, December 19, she also said that Eustace’s daughter Lola, 17, whom she adopted after her divorce from McDermott, was living with them.

We now have a large blended family, according to Spelling. The more, the merrier!