Tom Hanks fans are worried about his health after he came on stage with a trembling hand.

According to the Mirror, fans couldn’t stop gazing at the 65-year-old actor’s hands as he was promoting his new film, Baz Luhrmann’s biography of Elvis, in which he plays the singer’s manager.

“There is no better place in the world to make a film than right here on the Gold Coast,” Tom stated as he stood in front of the audience.

“I’ve shot movies in Berlin, Los Angeles, New York City, Seattle, and Morocco,” he continued, holding the microphone in his right hand.

“What does the Gold Coast have that the others do not? Dan Murphy does not live in any of the other cities.”

“What a wonderful man I got to know.”

By this point, viewers could see Tom’s hand visibly shaking, and he tried to stop it.

He attempted to completely switch his hands before placing his left hand beneath the microphone.

“Together, we had an absolutely amazing time,” the acclaimed Hollywood star summarized.

“The Gold Coast is a location and a people where everyone walks about with a smile on their face. We were a part of it.”

“Our film shows your confidence, energy, and zeal for life.”

You have a great, proactive golden child in Baz Luhrmann, who loves Australia more than Dan Murphy and kangaroos.

Fans began making health-related allegations about Tom on social media after the video clip went viral.

One Twitter user expressed concern that it could simply be adrenaline and nerves.

“Love Tom Hanks, man,” another concerned supporter commented. ” I saw him on television recently and thought he was quite skinny. I wish him the best.”

“He does seem to have aged all of a sudden – lost weight,” said a third.

“Unfortunately, his declining health suggests that Parkinson’s disease may be present,” a fourth remarked.

“A diabetic,” a fifth person added. ” This happens to my mother when her blood sugar levels drop.”

In 2020, Tom described his “bone-crushing” fight with Covid.

The Hollywood star and his wife Rita Wilson recovered after getting the deadly illness in March of that year.

Despite the fact that they both tested positive, Tom stated on The Late Show during a nearly live broadcast that his symptoms were “very different” from those of his wife.

“We had no idea how or where that might have happened,” the star alleged.

“Every time I moved around, I felt like something was ripping inside me,” he claimed before adding that he also felt “bone-crushing weariness.”

The father of four claimed to be “physically aching and completely fatigued.”

Oscar nominee twice Tom is most recognized for his performances in Forrest Gump, Toy Story, and Saving Private Ryan.