Tom Bergeron, a former “Dancing With the Stars” host, was rushed to a hospital in Santa Ynez after developing a food illness. On their wedding anniversary, May 23, 2023, he posted an update to his followers on social media.

“Yours truly was treated for food poisoning & a bruised rib (it’s a long story) while we spent our 41st anniversary yesterday in the @santaynez Hospital (wonderful personnel, btw). Now that I’m back home and relaxing, I’m once more reminded of how fortunate I am that she said ‘I do’ 41 years ago.”

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Tom Bergeron received support from friends and followers in the comments section of his Instagram post.

Bergeron posted a vintage image of himself and his wife Lois on their wedding day to commemorate their anniversary. After going through a difficult time, Bergeron’s friends and supporters were relieved to learn that he was already at home and sleeping. He and Lois received many happy anniversary wishes as well.

“Happy anniversary, eh? I am familiar with how that feels. I wish you a speedy recovery.” Danica McKellar, a previous DWTS contestant, wrote.

“Ugh! So sorry again. Congratulations on your anniversary, though, and who can resist that gorgeous smile in your wedding photo?” a comment from a fan read.

“Happy Anniversary, and I hope you feel better soon!” added a further admirer.

“Happy Anniversary to a couple who is one of my favorites! Furthermore, I hope @tombergeron feels better soon.” Someone else chimed in, “You ‘Rex,’ be careful.

“I’m experiencing deja vu! Get well, recover, and silently rejoice. Love you both so much,” another Instagram user added.

Tom Bergeron has previously posted health updates on social media.

Bergeron has kept his followers up to date on a variety of events in his life, including his health-related issues. In fact, he uploaded a picture of his test and informed his followers that he had become ill when he tested positive for the coronavirus.

“Well, after avoiding it for more than two years, it has now caught up with me.” In July 2022, he posted a snapshot of his positive test, “And I thought I was immune.”

He sent another update a couple of days later.

“Day 5 of Covid. This morning, my Paxlovid prescription was finished. Excellent performance but intriguing metallic aftertaste.”

Beginning in 2005 and running for its first 28 seasons, Bergeron served as “Dancing With the Stars”‘ host.

“Just let @DancingABC know that they can continue without me. It’s been a remarkable 15-year run and my career’s biggest surprise. I’m appreciative of that and the friendships I’ve established for life. After considering that, what should I do with all of these glitter masks?” In July 2020, Bergeron tweeted.

Tyra Banks took Bergeron’s position once her Twitter account was terminated. Banks left the program in 2023, and Julianne Hough was chosen to host season 32. In the fall of 2023, Alfonso Ribeiro will co-host the first episode of the new season.