Tina Turner’s Widower Set To Turn Their $72.1 Million Holiday Home Into Museum For The Late Singer - Latest news!

Tina Turner, the beloved American-Swiss singer and the Queen of Rock N’ Roll, left an indelible mark on the music industry. Her music continues to resonate even after her passing at the age of 83 in May 2023. Now, her widower, Erwin Bach, plans to turn their stunning holiday home in Switzerland into a museum dedicated to preserving and celebrating the legacy of the iconic singer.

Turner’s career was nothing short of extraordinary. With over 100 million albums sold, she remains one of the best-selling recording artists of all time. Her hits like “Proud Mary” and “The Best” are still beloved by fans worldwide. In recognition of her talent, Turner received numerous accolades throughout her career, including Grammy Awards and the prestigious Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2021, she became the first Black person and the first woman to be inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame as a solo act.

After retiring from the spotlight, Turner found solace and happiness in her home, Chateau Algonquin, located in Switzerland. She shared her life with Bach, whom she married in 2013 after nearly 30 years together. It was here that she spent her golden years, surrounded by the beautiful scenery and tranquility of Switzerland.

Following Turner’s passing, Bach announced his plans to transform their holiday home in Stäfa, Switzerland, into a museum dedicated to preserving her remarkable life and career. The museum will showcase memorabilia and artifacts that chronicle Turner’s journey to becoming the Queen of Rock N’ Roll. Visitors will have the opportunity to connect with Turner’s music and experience her impact firsthand.

As Turner grew older, she embraced her age with grace and positivity, setting an example for others. She believed that getting older should not limit one’s outlook on life or define their choices. Embodying this philosophy, she once shared, “There’s a whole new way of thinking about age, too. People are not that worried about being old anymore.”

Turner’s commitment to authenticity extended beyond her attitude towards aging. She opted not to undergo plastic surgery, preferring to age naturally and maintain her unique identity. Instead, she focused on her health and well-being, emphasizing that happiness stems from physical and mental wellness.

At her home in Switzerland, Turner found joy in the little things, like tending to her garden and appreciating the beauty of nature. She cherished her surroundings and the personal connection she had with each item in her collection, whether it was an artifact of Egyptian art or a cherished memento.

Retirement allowed Turner to spend quality time with loved ones and indulge in the activities she loved. She relished in the company of friends, like Cher, who visited her in Switzerland. Their time together was filled with laughter and cherished memories.

The decision to transform Turner’s holiday home into a museum is a testament to the enduring impact of her music and the love and adoration she garnered throughout her career. The museum will become a place where fans can connect with the artist, learn about her journey, and keep her spirit alive for generations to come.

In addition to the museum, Turner’s hometown of Brownsville, Tennessee, also plans to honor her legacy. A statue will be erected in her honor at the city’s Heritage Park, symbolizing her commanding stage presence and the passion she brought to her performances. Furthermore, Brownsville is also home to the Tina Turner Museum, a dedicated space that explores the life and work of this musical icon.

Tina Turner’s influence knows no bounds. She blazed a trail for women in the music industry and inspired countless individuals to pursue success on their own terms. As she once said, “This is life’s full adventure, and I embrace and accept every day with what it brings.” The museum and the statue serve as lasting tributes to the Queen of Rock N’ Roll, ensuring that her remarkable journey and unparalleled talent will never be forgotten.

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