Tim Allen, the highly acclaimed and well-liked actor, has experienced ups and downs throughout his life and career. In a recent interview, the Hollywood star discusses the tragedies and successes that led to his fame.

Tim has become one of America’s favorite fathers on television throughout the years! He began as Tim ‘The Tool-man’ Taylor and is now known for his role as Mike Baxter on the TV show ‘Last Man Standing.’ But Tim’s life was not always flash and glamour.

His father was killed by a drunk driver when the Hollywood actor was only 11. That was a watershed moment in Tim’s life. He turned to narcotics to try to alleviate the anguish of his loss.

He ended up in prison as a result of his addiction. Tim’s stint in prison convinced him to change his habits and begin living a better life.

He explored a comedy career, including standup. This resulted in the lead role in Home Improvement. Tim struggled with alcoholism even at the pinnacle of his achievement. Tim was compelled to quit smoking after another run-in with the law.

He has now been sober for over 20 years. Tim has played conservative father and husband Michael Baxter on ‘Last Man Standing’ for the past seven years.

Tim has found his niche in Hollywood at a time when being conservative is frowned upon. He’s also excited for the debut of Toy Story 4, in which he voices the animated toy Buzz Lightyear.

Tim Allen’s path to success was not easy, but he is sharing his challenges in the hopes that his tale will resonate with someone else.