Using the username @kaylendoesstuff on social media, travel vlogger Kaylen shared her “excruciatingly painful” story of receiving a lip-blushing treatment.

After demonstrating her “failed” attempt at a lip-blushing treatment while traveling to Colombia, a travel blogger went viral.

Kaylen, also known as @kaylendoesstuff on social media, documented the event and the startling outcomes in a TikTok video, which has since received over 15.3 million views.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, lip blushing is a semi-permanent tattoo that can improve the color and contour of your lips and provide the appearance of more fullness. In order to improve the overall appearance, color ink is deposited into the lips and along the lip line. For outcomes that look natural, the color is usually subtle.

As she was on her way to her appointment, Kaylen commented in the video, “Wait, I actually really like my lips, maybe I shouldn’t do this.” And when I was experiencing the numbing sensation, I thought, “Ok, I should go home.” However, I did not return home.

Kaylen requested a pink tint, but the practitioner suggested she get a “bright ruby red” shade instead, promising that it will eventually turn pink. She hesitated, but in the end, she agreed.

The 23-year-old content creator went on to describe how she was “suffering” during the application process and how the findings were disturbing, while also showing a close-up of her severely swollen, red lips that had rendered her incapable of speaking.

“It was unbearably uncomfortable. I was swollen to the max, it was incredibly sore and numb, and I looked terrible,” she recalled. “Honestly, simply purchase lipstick if you’re considering having this done. I had to beg her to stop because it hurt so bad. I simply had the worst appearance of anyone who completed this task.”

Later, Kaylen displayed the results of the lip-blushing procedure on her YouTube channel. The swelling gradually started to go down the next day, but the red tint started to peel, which she described as “nasty and disgusting.”

The peeling had ceased by day four, and all of the red colors had vanished, leaving her lips a purple hue that was only getting “darker and darker.”

Even on day 16, Kaylen remarked that her lips appeared “way worse than before.”

She insisted that she went to a “fancy” place for the lip blushing but acknowledged that it was “not worth it” because of the discomfort, swelling, peeling, and recovery time.

In addition, Kaylen mentioned that the therapy cost her $50, which is far less in the United States and another reason she wouldn’t suggest it.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, lip blushing is not covered by insurance and normally costs between $500 and $1,500 for each session, depending on the location.

The experience, according to Kaylen, has given her important knowledge about beauty and self-love.

“Obviously, you can enhance your beauty with makeup, false eyelashes, nails, and other things like that, but your nose is the right shape, hips are the right size, and lips are the right color,” she remarked.

“This entire experience has made me realize that I am perfect just the way I am. I want nothing to change. Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.”