She was a fast food regularly, but she gave up stuff she never thought she’d give up. She had a daily battle with the excess pounds, but she now deserves to be a cautionary tale for all junk food eaters.

“I’ve been overweight my entire life, but I didn’t understand how horrible I looked until I lost weight. At my heaviest, I weighed 1069 pounds and consumed at least 6,000 calories each day.

Cooking at home was rare for me, and I’m not even talking about vegetables… We ate multiple times daily, and most of our meals were fast food.

Yes, 6,000 calories per day sound excessive, but I’m not exaggerating: quick sandwiches for breakfast, followed by tacos for lunch (and lots of mineral water). I could easily eat a pizza for dinner, along with bread, biscuits, and plenty of mineral water.

My husband and I made resolutions to modify our unhealthy lifestyle on January 1, 2016.

My best friend forced me to cook for 30 days (without consuming food) to assist me to attain my goal, omitting alcohol and mineral water.

The polar opposite of what I was doing previously. I accepted since I thought I needed all the aid I could get.

By the end of the month, I had filled every gap. He taught me to cook, I learned to use MyFitnessPal to manage calories, I went to the gym, and I made progress on an elliptical cycle. While I was dropping weight,

The most significant change was that I became addicted to my new, healthy regimen. The Instagram account began as a personal journal. In collaboration with my friends and followers, I feel that I have established a community for people who, like me, are tired of existing but not of living. That is something I do not wish to change.

My food tastes began to shift as I followed my new healthy habit.
Every day, a common food affects the silhouette: “Discover what the food tastes like without it.”

In terms of my current diet, I don’t restrict myself because it makes me desire more food. I merely started eating healthier versions of stuff I’ve always enjoyed. I concentrated on calorie counting to ensure that I was eating more protein, more vegetables, and fewer carbohydrates.

On a typical day, I eat the following foods:

Breakfast: three boiled eggs and two slices of turkey ham;

Lunch: salmon with fried asparagus and salad;

Dinner: a grilled chicken sandwich with salad and sweet potato;
Keeping all of this together was a challenge. I had to start saying “no” more often.

I don’t get it: I noticed everyone staring at me when I went to the gym, so I ensured I was the fattest in the room. I was the one who changed my life. I was there for myself, not them.

When I first started, the elliptical bike was my closest buddy since it allowed me to choose the intensity of my workouts. I can’t say whether I met my aim because I’m still looking for myself. And it wasn’t easy: I had to modify my schedule several times to avoid adjusting my weight loss objective.

For instance, if I leave my phone in another room, I must wake up to turn off the morning alarm. To preserve my own life, I needed a game plan.