One woman has issued a stern warning to other women who drive after being the victim of what she described as “kidnapping methods” by an unidentified person.

American Haley West shared her horrific experience she had while in front of a shopping center on TikTok.

She claimed that as she was carrying her groceries to her car, a man screamed out to her.

He then followed her to her car and declared it to be his. He had called out to her earlier, asking what her name was.

She shared the following story, which is depicted in the video: “Come look out my car, it’s great, it’s a Lexus, you like it? says the man as he approaches my vehicle.”

“Like it’s my car, even though I didn’t react to it because doing so would have revealed that it’s my car.”

She claimed that instead of getting into her car, she crossed the street to ask a bystander for help.

She made her way back to her car and entered as soon as it was safe to do so.

She noticed a water bottle sitting atop the hood when she turned her head again.

“I don’t want that to correspond, but it’s never happened to me,” she said.

The speaker stated, “I just wanted to underline that you should always be conscious of your surroundings, and especially if you’re a woman, you should be careful out there.”

Haley produced a follow-up video with a response from a fan after the original video became viral.

The reader claimed that the reason for why the bottle was left on the hood of her car was awful.

The individual attempting to kidnap or traffic you may employ this tactic to get you to exit your car and take whatever is on it.

“Leave everything on the hood of your car when you return; it will fall off on its own,” the person instructed.

It comes after another TikTok user, this time in Canada, discovered a heinous message scrawled in the snow on her trash can.

She couldn’t understand why someone would draw the number one and the letter F with their finger on the snow.

She soon learned that it simply meant “one female,” and she was told that it might be a way for guests to understand that she was the lone resident of her house.

After Jade called the police, she claims the policemen cleared the trash and told her to “stay safe.”