Committing an act of kindness always results in a positive change in the world. Even though the benefits are not immediate, expressing kindness helps to a better society and leaves a trail of positive in our path, and in the end, it is necessary to leave something behind and make a difference.

True, good things are done out of compassion, without expecting anything in return, yet there are times when a return has an even greater impact. Goodness is rewarded in a variety of ways, but one woman did not expect to receive so much in return after assisting a guy in paying for his groceries at a store.

A woman from Atlanta got the shock of her life when she volunteered to pay for someone else’s groceries at the grocery store. Tracy Warshal observed the man in front of her had forgotten his money at home and was unable to pay for the items, so she didn’t hesitate and told him that she could cover the $8 bill for him.

The man was impressed, smiled, and thanked Tracy before exiting the store. Tracy exited the store, posted about the incident on Facebook, and then went about her business as usual. What occurred next was beyond her wildest dreams.

The man she assisted saw her profile, discovered that she works for a cancer research facility, and made an incredible choice. He generously gave $10,000 in Tracy’s honor. What was her reaction? Amazed. But wait, there’s more. The store management where the event took place learned about her act of compassion and wanted to repay her, so they contributed another $10,000 to the institution and offered her a year of free shopping at her favorite market!

It is quite remarkable how everything began, with $8 for a bag of groceries and $20,000 provided in exchange for a worthy cause! A small act of kindness can set off a chain reaction of wonderful things! Share this with your friends and family, and if you want to help those in need, watch the video for more information! Stay safe!