Three young women were standing on a bridge when it abruptly collapsed, injuring all of them. The bridge abruptly broke away while the women were snapping selfies on it in northern Brazil, sending them falling more than 30 feet.

The women, two of whom are still in their teenage years, suffered many fractures as a direct result of the incident.

The women, who were 22 years old, 15 years old, and 26 years old, are said to have been hurled into the valley below when the side of the bridge crumbled as they posed for pictures on top of the historic railway bridge.

An image of three women and a fourth friend, who appear to have been taken on the same day as the bridge fall, has been made public by the Castelo do Piaui officials. The bridge was photographed just before it fell.

The women are seen laughing and grinning for the camera on top of the old railway bridge, with a fourth woman holding the camera to take the selfie.

A local police officer named Marcelo Freitas was quoted in the media as saying the following:

To their amazing luck, all three of them survived the ordeal and were ultimately saved by authorities.

The only three women who were harmed in the fall were carried to the hospital, despite the fact that there were reportedly eight people on the bridge at the time of the horrible accident.

“The bridge continues to function as a railroad even though it spans the Cais River and has been deteriorating for some time.”

The young women were taking pictures while standing on the bridge when it abruptly collapsed, sending them tumbling to the ground below.

They were incredibly lucky not to have sustained more severe injuries as a result of the disaster after falling from the bridge that is located more than 10 meters over the Cais river.

Two of the injured girls broke numerous bones in their legs, and the third girl damaged her foot. All three of the girls needed medical attention.

They were treated for their injuries in a nearby hospital, and then during the night, they were taken to a separate hotel, the Hospital Teresina, which was nearly 190 kilometers (118 miles) away.

The local administration argues that the federal government should be in charge of the bridge’s upkeep and security, while the federal government disputes this assertion.

The Ministry of Transport has been contacted first, and they are now awaiting a response from the Ministry of Transport.