When you have kids, they shouldn’t miss any of the parents, no matter what. But occasionally, things do not turn out precisely as we had hoped or imagined, and we are forced to confront the facts.

With her two children, this mother took the same action. Those who raise their children together are unable to comprehend the realities of being a single parent. To take care of the children’s food, school, education, and a career that will at least guarantee them a respectable life, you must be a mother and a father, or a father and a mother, depending on the situation.

Whitney Kittrell has been parenting her two kids by herself for the past three years after she lost her husband. The young woman does her best to create lovely memories with the kids in order to demonstrate to them that they are loved without condition.

“I promised myself that I would do everything I could, even if it meant coming out of my comfort zone to give my children a normal life like other children!”, Said the mother.

When Lucas unexpectedly arrived home from school one day, Whitney was taken aback. He was holding an invitation when she noticed him. In kindergarten, there were celebrations for Father’s Day and Donut Day, and the young lady felt heartbroken. Her natural cleverness helped her come up with a solution right away.

He wanted to travel with Whitney since she is both his mother and father, according to the young boy’s extremely emotional justification.

On the day of the event, the mother dressed in a T-shirt, a baseball cap, and a beard without giving it any thought.

“I was embarrassed, but I couldn’t stop smiling when he introduced me to his friends as his mother and then added that I was his father,” Whitney said.

Despite everything she does for her children and gives, the young lady has moments when she does not trust her because she is unsure if she is raising her children appropriately.

I believe it serves as an example for us all. Would you act in the same way for your child?