When dealing with small animals and children, always think about the effect that a newcomer can have on a home where at least three different quadrupeds live.

Although the dog is undoubtedly man’s best friend, in some cases it can have unexpected reactions and therefore it is always a good idea to pay close attention to his behavior in the presence of a baby.

What is certain is that Jessica and Alex, a couple from Connecticut (USA), had no problem bringing little Theo home: they have three beautiful and playful Goldendoodle dogs waiting for them!

The dogs loved little Theo from the first moment and now they share with him all the moments of rest during the day.

In addition to living in a beautiful little house in the state of Connecticut, Jessica and Alex have three beautiful brown fur coats and an adorable little boy named Theo.

Since mother Jessica posted a short video on Instagram in which Theo is overwhelmed by the love of one of the dogs, thousands of internet users have started following his account, now dedicated to the real stars of the moment: his son and the three huge dogs!

Through photos and videos, we can see how Theo loves to be in the company of his four-legged friends and, above all, to sleep together! The Instagram account was a huge success in just a few months;

Jessica and Alex believe that this is a natural effect due to the stressful period that humanity is going through at the moment: it is as if people need tender content that warms their heart and soul, will be able to create a clear detachment of reality.

Theo is usually pampered by one dog at a time, but he can distribute his time and attention perfectly so as not to upset any of them!

If you follow their Instagram account, chances are the hugs and love between them will melt your heart!