Hearing that there are children out there who begin performing acts of kindness at an early age is such a lovely feeling. In light of the misery caused by recent events and the growing number of people afflicted by hatred, jealousy, greed, and other negative traits, among others, these good activities contribute to making the world a better place.

This young girl began changing the world at the age of six by brightening someone else’s day. When she does an act of kindness, you must witness her joy. She has a purpose for her “project,” as well.

Death has an impact and has the potential to change someone’s life forever. This family experienced the same thing. Alex McKelvey from Lakewood, Washington, used the grief and despair following the death of her grandmother in September 2013 to seize an opportunity.

Her point of view was very amazing, and she inspired her parents to act and perform six hundred acts of kindness. The first target was 60 nice acts, but she quickly attained it and increased it to 600 because it was nothing for her. By recording positive actions on her own Instagram account with the tagline “greatest mother and grandma in the world,” she was able to keep track of them.

Her mother is absolutely in awe of how kind-hearted her daughter is. “If an eight-year-old kid can achieve this, anybody can,” she reminds herself constantly. “The compassion deeds won’t stop at 600; we’ll reach millions!”

One of her lists includes things like helping at the Rescue Mission, buying someone a meal, giving them a generous tip, donating clothing, holding the door open for someone, making someone smile, donating blood, and so on.

What prevents you from making a single person’s day better by doing something extremely easy, like holding the door open, buying someone a coffee, or giving a flower to a stranger on the street, if a 6-year-old child can do it? We salute all the “heroes without capes” out there and offer you a huge thumbs up if you’re already a “giver”!

Let’s make sure this video is spread as far as possible to inspire others to begin carrying out more kind actions!