This 7 year old boy let his hair grow then cut his hair and donated it to cancer patients, but soon he received a news that no one expected. Here’s what happened to the boy

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Vinny Desautels, from California, was only five years old when he made an unusual decision for his age: he decided to let his hair grow to donate it to cancer patients. During all this time, he suffered from the bad words that his schoolmates told him, not understanding why he was doing this.

Shortly after letting his hair grow for two years, then cutting and donating it to make wigs for people with cancer, Vinny was diagnosed with a severe form of stage four cancer.

Doctors are currently conducting several tests to find out what type of cancer the boy has. In the first phase, the doctors discovered that the boy had bone formations around his hip, in his right cheek, and in his knees.

One day, when he was returning from school, the child complained to his parents that his knee hurt. Immediately, they palpated his whole body and discovered a growth on his hip. Immediately, they took him to the hospital, where doctors discovered a bone formation in the pelvic area.

After a few days, he presented to the doctor again, due to a swelling in his right eye. Initially, everything was attributed to an allergy. After several analyzes, what was worse was confirmed to them: the formation discovered in the eyes was malignant. Doctors are currently trying to determine what type of cancer the boy has.

Despite the terrible news, Vinny continues to dedicate her free time to caring for people with cancer.


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