Respect for older people is learned from an early age, although some of us may forget this lesson once we reach adulthood.

As long as we have elderly people around us who need help, it is good to offer them our support.

So did Chris Carter, who helped an old man.

He was driving with his family in his spare time when Chris saw an elderly man in front of the gate struggling to mow the grass next to the house. Instead of seeing the road, the man stopped the car and went to help the old man who wanted to take care of the lawn.

The one who made this moment public was Chris’ wife, named Tara, who was impressed by his partner’s gesture.

She has always known that her husband is a wonderful man, but what she did for the old man that day made her proud of the man next to her.

“This is one of the reasons I love my husband. While we were going home with our children, Chris stopped on the way and told me to go home and then go back after him to pick him up. I didn’t know what was going on, but I immediately understood what Chris was going to do. ”

“I want our son to learn something from this and to help the people around him, like his father,” Tara said excitedly.

What Chris did is not just a good example for his children, but for all of us!

I think we need more people like him so that today’s young people can learn what kindness and respect mean!