They were in front of the altar when the groom interrupted the ceremony by declaring his love for someone else

The day two persons say “I do,” they commit to one another and imagine a future together.

Jefferson and Jennifer, a Portuguese couple, had a wonderfully unusual wedding ceremony. Jefferson stopped the ceremony just as the couple was ready to make their vows.

Jennifer, like the other participants, was perplexed by what was going on.

Would this be one of those weddings when one person chooses not to participate in the ceremony? Will she be abandoned at the altar?

No, it wasn’t why Jefferson requested a short break. He had another thought as he begged the priest to pause for a moment.

As everyone waited for Jefferson’s next move, he went to his future wife’s daughter, Giovanna, a gorgeous 8-year-old girl, and told her he loved her as  his daughter

“I extend to you my affection. I won’t fail you; I’ll look out for you, keep you safe, and never let you down,” he promised Giovanna, who was paying close attention to everything her new father said.

She was moved to tears and took the microphone to thank Jefferson for his devotion for her and her mother.

Those who saw the heartwarming moment couldn’t stop the tears of joy from falling down their faces.