Sextuplets are six siblings who all have the same birthday. In the instance of the Kosinskis, this is not the case. Three sets of twins were born on February 28th to Craig and Carrie Kosinski. Three sets of twins born on the same day is statistically implausible, but Craig and Carrie are live proof that it can happen!

In 2013, a friend of Carrie’s approached her via Facebook to see if she and Craig would be interested in adopting her newborn child, as Carrie was unable to conceive naturally. It turned out that one of the babies was a set of twins. Adalynn and Kenna Kosinski were born on February 28th, 2014, and the Kosinski’s were overjoyed.

The same woman contacted them the following year to tell she couldn’t care for her other pair of twins, JJ and CeCe, so the couple accepted them into their family as well. (They were also born on February 28th but in the year 2013.)

Carrie then gave birth to twin twins, Clarissa and Karraline, last year via in-vitro fertilization on…

The 28th of February! Carrie, 28, of Yorkville, Wisconsin, tells PEOPLE that “all three pairs of twins were [delivered] by emergency C-section.” “I get asked that question frequently. ‘Did you think about it? A C-section was performed. ‘It had to be planned.’ No. My due date was 24 weeks. I had not expected them to be born at 24 weeks.”

JJ, CeCe, Adalynn, and Kenna are currently being adopted by Carrie and Craig. They intended to adopt all four at the same time to keep adoption costs down. As the family is discovering, adoption can be incredibly costly.

Over the previous three decades, the number of twin births has increased by 79 percent and continues to rise.