A Minnesotan family experienced an event that changed their lives. Two years ago, they took up a pit bull mix named Joy from the animal shelter. He got along well with the entire family, especially with their two kids, Emilly, 6, and Jonas, 10. The dog and the kids were always together. Together, they went on hikes, played all day, and slept in the same bed at night.

One evening, Jonas announced his family that he was going to take a bath before he even got home. The remaining family members stayed in the backyard. The mother of the child noticed some odd noises at one time.

She discovered that the sounds were coming from upstairs when she went inside the house. Upon ascending, she heard the household dog, Joy, barking obnoxiously. When the lady entered the bathroom, she saw Jonas unconscious with his feet dangling over the bathtub’s edge. Joy tugged at his hands or hair in an effort to free him.

After having a heart attack, Jonas passed out in the bath water. Joy sensed something wasn’t right, so she was able to force the bathroom door open and rushed inside to try to pull Jonas out of the bathtub.

The first time she saw Jonas struggling to breathe and Joy pulling on him, the mother was terrified. But she soon discovered that the dog was only attempting to save his life by preventing him from falling into the bathtub and drowning.

The woman dialed 911 right away, and the ambulance showed there shortly after. Jonas was taken to the hospital by the medics, who were able to save his life.
Jonas is alive today thanks to Joy.

“Without Joy, I wouldn’t want to consider what could possibly happen to Jonas. My boy’s life was saved by Joy, and we will always be thankful. He will undoubtedly be rewarded with a lot of steaks,” stated his mum.

This is another example of how great dogs are and how much they adore their humans.