Every adolescent should remember their prom experience fondly. These young ladies, like the rest of us, couldn’t wait for the big day, so they dressed the part.
They were a sensation as a duo.

When some people discovered the concealed knowledge, they were suitably impressed.

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Most American high school pupils are under the legal drinking age of 21.

However, the voting age in certain countries is far lower.

Although the legal drinking age in the United Kingdom is 18, bringing alcoholic beverages to school functions where minors may be present is still banned.

But that doesn’t stop some students from trying to get intoxicated before hitting the dance floor legally.

Prom chaperones are usually grownups whose job it is to keep the peace and watch for signs of intoxication.

However, kids will occasionally devise inventive ways to get alcoholic beverages into the classroom.

This image perfectly depicts the pranks of college students.

This girl stashed a huge flask under her dress during her senior prom. The question is to what end.

You could say she transformed a large silver flask into a clutch bag.

It’s easy to think that the silver clutch she’s holding is her only possession, but a closer glance reveals otherwise.

For British student Eleanor Clarke, breaking the law or any laws would not prevent her from having fun with her friends.

She was dressed to kill and holding what appeared to be a metallic clutch.

The large flask hidden in the clutch bag leaked quickly.

She didn’t bother with a decent bag because she planned to use it for liquids.

Eleanor, who appeared genuinely surprised by her performance, did not say whether or not she had poured alcohol into the clutch. “Still don’t know how I got away with a huge hip flask as my prom clutch,” she said on X (ex Twitter).

She claimed to have acquired her $12 flask from Tiger.

She hid it so well that no one noticed until she betrayed her own goal.

This actually happened. Our best wishes are with Eleanor and her friends as they embark on the next chapter of their lives.