A patient and Isabelle Jennings, a young caregiver at the Life Care Center in Kansas City, became close through music, particularly hymns.

Mary Helen Schmelze received routine assistance from Isabelle, who also visited Mary’s room every Friday to sing a song to her.

A few months after they first met, Mary was experiencing some problems. She was in the latter stages of congestive heart failure and facing death.

After learning the news, Isabelle visited the care facility on her day off and sung a hymn for Mary one more time. Julie, Mary’s daughter, captured the nurse’s assistant singing beautifully for her friend on video. Brilliantly performing “In The Garden.”

“I knew that would be the last time I would see Helen since I loved her and considered her a friend,” Isabelle said in an interview. She comforted her family and Mary’s grandchild when they found out about her condition.

Every time Mary met Isabelle, she urged her to sing for her. Isabelle said that she had a real concern for everyone and was always prepared to help.

Just a few days after the video was recorded, Mary Helen passed away. Her daughter Julie uploaded the video to YouTube with the intention of inspiring other caregivers.

“The best present you can give someone is your time, simply your compassion,” according to Julie.

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