Giving someone a gift is fun because you get to watch their reaction when they get it. Nothing compares to watching their faces light up when they realize they have finally got something they have long wanted!

Parents who gave their daughter a gorgeous new kitten had a better reaction than they could have imagined. It would be an understatement of the month to suggest that the adorable young child was delighted!

A video that was posted online shows the young child entering her room. Her father tells her to take the red box off her nightstand when she shows there. She cautiously opens it only to find nothing. You did a fantastic job, Dad!

He congratulates himself on the funny prank (we assume) and promises his daughter that she will in fact get a present. Then he shows a tiny basket with a cat. She is very shocked when she first sees it and asks, “Whose cat is this?”

When the young girl realizes that is a real cat waiting for her in the basket she now has, she is overcome with emotion. She quickly transitions from disbelief to joy as she cries over her future best friend.

There is no doubt that these devoted parents were ecstatic to give someone the ideal gift. What a lucky kitty to be adopted by a family that will cherish her unconditionally! Given how much their youngest child adores her pet, how could they not?

Watch the young girl’s lovely response to her new kitten in the video below, and don’t forget to share it with your friends!