Last year, she claimed that her £10,000 bottom implants burst and leaked deadly silicone into her system.

Alicia Douvall, 37, claimed that she has yet to do so despite being given another six months to have them removed.

In an interview with Closer, the former beauty model stated that she can no longer sit for more than 20 minutes because she is “fearful they would kill her.”

Her surgeon said last year that her buttock implants had fully ruptured. “I had no idea they could explode.”

“I’m in pain the whole time. Despite the fact that I am aware that they must be removed, I am scared that my drooping skin will make me look odd.”

In December 2015, she told that she wanted the implants removed within six months or risk losing her life.

Alicia revealed at the start of the year that her implants were ruining her sex life, but she was undecided whether she would get them removed.

The actress claims that the implants hinder her from doing “certain things” in the bedroom, while admitting that men believe the implants are for “their enjoyment.”

She recently told The Sun that she wouldn’t engage in some sexual acts because of her implants.

“I’m concerned about my implants while engaging in sexual activity. My sex life has been impacted, and things have changed as a result.”

Men feel that the implants are there for their enjoyment, but she advises them to “see but don’t touch.”

Alicia reports that the silicone used in the delicate implants for her bum has broken down and poured into her body, causing her to have a “saggy bum.”

Alicia’s reported sexual adventures include football star John Terry, Diddy, Mickey Rourke, Blue’s Lee Ryan and Calum Best, as well as Dennis Rodman, who denies the claims.

Then there was Simon Cowell, whom Alicia claims she had “11-times-a-day romps” with in 2001.

Alicia recently stated that she was undecided about having her leaking bum implants removed, despite previously declaring that she had given up on cosmetic surgery for good.

After appearing on Loose Women, the TV actress received a sarcastic response for ignoring the potentially catastrophic risk to her health.

Alicia, who admits to experiencing body dysmorphia, is concerned about how losing them may effect her appearance.

“I never want to have surgery again, but because I’ve had so many, doctors discovered that my implants are leaking, indicating that there are issues. I must decide whether to get them removed or to have silicone in my body.”

Following the panel’s perplexed reaction, co-host Gloria Hunniford interjected, telling the mother of two, “You’ve got children; surely it’s a no-brainer?”

“It’s not nearly as black and white as that,” according to Alicia. “I’d have saggy excess skin if I got them removed,” she explained. “I’m not confident in my physical appearance.”

“You’d be alive,” Gloria exclaimed.

Despite her apparent unwillingness to prioritize her health over her appearance, the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant, who came on the show with Georgia, her oldest child, said she was proud of her mother for resisting surgery.

“I clearly want them removed since it’s life threatening,” she claimed. “She was able to overcome it and has not used any since. I’ve cautioned her not to do it again since it’s harmful to everyone around her, but she’s come a long way.”

Alicia claims she was treated “like any other junkie” during her two visits in rehab for her surgery addiction.

Georgia, on the other hand, said that her mother’s condition began to improve with the birth of her youngest daughter, Papaya, in 2012.

“I would never promote surgery because I have seen it fail firsthand,” Alicia concluded.

When asked about the trigger for her surgery addiction, the TV personality revealed to the panel that she wanted to be “exactly like Barbie” as a child.

One of the panelists, Jane Moore, frankly stated, “It’s not really about Barbie. You’re the one who looks in the mirror and dislikes what you see.”