The widow of country music legend Kenny Rogers, Wanda Rogers, has rediscovered love.

When Wanda Rogers opened up about her personal life, she disclosed that the “Gambler” singer once advised her to find love again after he passes away.

‘I’m not going to stay here forever,’ he declared. Wanda Rogers, 56, reportedly said to People, “I want you to be happy. You’re still young. I want your life to be full even after I’m gone. Naturally, I responded, ‘What? I’m not interested in discussing that.’”

In March 2020, at the age of 81, Kenny Rogers passed away naturally at home.

Wanda Rogers claimed that her late husband wanted the couple’s twin kids, Justin and Jordan, who graduated from high school last month, to understand that it’s okay to move on after loved ones pass away. He also wanted her to know that she will one day be happy again.

“Showing the lads that life goes on is one of the important things. It does, she continued, “I’m dating someone really amazing. Kenny did everything he could to make me happy, and he wanted me to go on. To be able to say those things and genuinely mean them takes a very strong man. I believe that simply demonstrates the type of man he was.”

When the “Lady” singer brought a blind date to the Atlanta restaurant where Wanda Rogers was a hostess in 1993, they became friends. In 1997, they got married.

According to Wanda Rogers, she and her current partner connected through a friend of her late husband who had dated her sister in the past.

She claimed she finds many of the same attributes in her current partner as she found admirable in Kenny Rogers, such as his “leadership and his positive energy.”