Rebel Wilson has been open about the fact that 2020 will be her “Year of Health,” and she has dropped 35 kg in the meantime.

Fans and friends agree that the 41-year-old not only looks great but also feels great.

Rebel shared a photo of herself in front of an infinity pool while dressed in vivid blue sportswear on Instagram.

The image’s caption said, “Rebel Rising #2022.”

“I just cannot believe it’s you! Wow, @rebelwilson, you’ve changed so much from previously. Good vibes, you’re killing it”, one admirer said.

“You look wonderful, but I also thought you were pretty before you lost weight”, another person said in response.

“You look terrific! Another individual said, “I recently dropped 90 pounds [40 kg], so I am aware of how difficult it may be as well as how fantastic it is to feel healthy again.”

“Beautiful!”, exclaimed Mindy Kaling, and Brittany Hockley said, “Ummm fine.”

Her Australian trainer, Jono Castano, responded with a few smiley faces.

“You look great, Rebel, but the tree in the backdrop makes you appear like you have a branch hanging from your crotch”, said one comment, pointing out that her legs were positioned a little strangely.

With an emoji of laugh, another user responded, “That tiny bush tho.”

“I can’t help but notice the tree leaves sneaking into the shot behind your legs!” I’m not sure if that was done on purpose or not. A third person said, “I’m leaning toward on purpose because, whatever you lose, please don’t let it be your amazing sense of humor.”

Rebel confessed that her crew did not support her efforts to lose weight.

“When I announced that I was going to start this year of health, my own team here in Hollywood really gave me a lot of criticism. I’m confident that I’ll make big changes to both my physical attributes and life style. They then asked, “Why?” She recalled being questioned, “Why would you want to do that? ”

I was still really confident in my size and, you know, I loved myself, she said. I understood that I needed to address my relationship with food. Despite being at least two and occasionally three times as big as other actresses, I would confidently approach the red carpet.

However, I was very aware that some of my emotional eating behaviors weren’t healthy for me. I didn’t need a tub of ice cream every night, for instance. That was me; it wasn’t the best thing to do to sort of numb emotions with food.

“Food became my coping mechanism as I dealt with not being a natural actor and having to perform virtually every day,” she stated. One has to be under pressure and internal tension in order to do that properly.

Surprisingly, Rebel had previously admitted that she was “very shy” and that she would “reward herself with a slab of chocolate” to deal with the attention she was receiving.