Indy Clinton, a 25-year-old mom from Sydney, Australia, recently made headlines for naming her newborn daughter Bambi. Inspired by the beloved Disney character and in homage to Love Islander Molly-Mae Hague’s newborn with the same name, Indy proudly embraced the choice, despite facing online backlash.

Indy gained popularity on TikTok, where she shares quirky videos showcasing her style and family life. She took to the platform to share her amazement at the coincidence of naming her daughter Bambi, only to discover that Molly-Mae had also chosen the name for her baby.

But this decision wasn’t impulsive for Indy. Her love for Disney’s Bambi runs deep, stemming from her childhood. She even owns a copy of the classic storybook, which she reads to her two-year-old son, Navy. With such a profound connection to the character, it felt natural for this young Aussie mom to name her newborn daughter after her favorite Disney icon.

Indy initially planned to name her baby Paloma. However, when she laid eyes on her daughter’s sweet and curious nature, accompanied by her captivating brown eyes, she couldn’t help but see Bambi’s resemblance. In an instant, she discarded her original name choice to honor the Disney deer.

Now, at four months old, Bambi continues to be a topic of surprise among Indy’s extended family. Naming a human child after a Disney cartoon deer raised eyebrows, but Indy remains undeterred.

“When I was giving birth four months ago, I believed Bambi was the most unique and unusual name. No one else would use it,” Indy confessed, reflecting on the initial naming journey.

She added with a smile, “But hey, great minds think alike! We were set on Paloma initially, but as I read the book to Navy that night, it struck me like lightning.”

The criticism towards Molly-Mae for choosing the same name for her daughter has also affected Indy. However, she stands proudly behind her decision, emphasizing that unique names are the new trend. Bambi will fit right in with the Rivers, Bears, Forests, Stormis, and Wolfs of the world. She isn’t concerned about the naysayers and believes that giving them something to talk about is a small price to pay for choosing a name she adores.

In the end, Indy’s love for the Disney character and her desire for a distinctive name prevailed, showcasing her independent spirit and dedication to her daughter. Bambi, a little girl who brought an unexpected spark of controversy, will undoubtedly leave her mark on the world, just like her Disney namesake.