Luke Bryan comes from a close-knit family, and his Nashville house honors those who are dearest to him.

The American Idol contestant has seen some painful losses in his close family, with the tragic deaths of his sister Kelly and brother Chris.

In an interview with Billboard in 2018, the country music star discussed the sudden deaths of his siblings. At the time, fans praised him for his courage and outlook on life.

“I’m generally a happy person,” he declared. “The loss we’ve experienced has made me more aware of how precious and fleeting life is. And certainly, I apply that approach to both my performances and daily interactions with others. I want people to think, ‘That guy doesn’t have a bad day,’ when they meet me.”

In his documentary My Dirt Road Bike, he expanded on his outlook on life. During a meet-and-greet, he pondered on a specific instance and remarked, “I believe we were in Charlotte, North Carolina. A typical meet and greet took place.”

“This small child with blonde hair approaches me and asks, ‘Can I ask you a question? ‘ And I said, ‘Well, okay, buddy,’ before getting on one knee and asking him, ‘I wanna know how you get through every day, having lost your brother and your sister, because I lost my sister and I can’t get over it. My heart is torn.’”

“It was a significant time for me because I realized how essential it is to other people that I live a happy life. It was a major occasion for me. Never will I forget it.”

Chris, Luke’s brother, died in a vehicle accident in 1996, just as the musician was getting ready to launch his musical career in Nashville.

Kelly, his sister, died in 2007 of undetermined causes. “They never discovered what happened. No one could figure it out, not the autopsies, not the coroner,” Luke said in 2013.

“It permanently changed my mother’s worldview. She sometimes phones me at random times when she’s having a rough day. She eventually misses my sister and brother in addition to wanting to spend more time with me because I’m the only one left.”

“We give Mama the benefit of the doubt on stuff. The loss of two children has caused her a great deal of suffering as a mother,” Luke revealed in his interview with Billboard.