A hospital had a patient who was an elderly man. Every day, a young man would visit him and spend more than an hour with him. He would assist him in eating and taking showers.

After that, he would lead him on a walk through the hospital’s garden. He would then take him back to his room and assist with lying down. He would reassure himself that the old man was doing fine, and he would leave.

The nurse said to him when she entered his room to administer medication and assess his health: “May the Lord be ever merciful to your nice and caring son. He comes to see you daily and takes great care of you.”

The elderly man spoke to her after looking at her and closing his eyes.

“I wished he was a member of my family. He is an abandoned child from the area where we live. After his father passed away, I once saw him crying in the entryway of a mosque.”

I bought him some candy to make him feel better and offered comfort. After that, I didn’t speak to or see him for long. He eventually learned where my wife and I lived when he was an adult. He would check on us daily to see how we were doing.

He brought my elderly wife to his house when I subsequently got unwell. He now visits the hospital every day to observe my medical care.
“My son, why do you have to deal with us and care about us so much?” I questioned him one day.

Simply smiling, he remarked, “The candy taste is still in my mouth.”

Moral: No matter how long it takes, people who planted a lovely deed will reap its benefits one day.

No matter how often the media reports that the world is worsening, there will always be more good people than bad.

As a result, never give up on trying to be a decent person and help others.