A professor entered the room one day and instructed his students to get ready for a surprise exam. At their desks, they awaited the test’s start with trepidation.

The question paper was distributed by the professor as usual with the text facing down.

He distributed them all and then instructed his students to turn the page and start.

To everyone’s surprise, the page’s center was blank except for a black dot. When the professor noticed how everyone was looking, he said, “I want you to write what you see there.”

The pupils began working on the mysterious assignment.

Each answer sheet was taken by the professor, who began reading them aloud in front of the entire class.

Response sheets

Without exception, each and every one of them detailed the black dot, attempting to explain its location in the center of the sheet, etc.

The class was silent once all of the reading was finished. “I am not going to grade you on this, I just wanted to give you something to think about,” the professor said as he started to elaborate.

The white portion of the paper received no writing. Everyone was fixated on the black dot, much as it is in our daily life. We have a white paper to study and appreciate, but we are constantly drawn to the problems.

God gave us the gift of life as a token of his love and concern for us. There are always occasions to rejoice. The daily renewal of nature, the presence of our friends, our livelihood from work, and the wonders we witness are all examples of this.

“However, we persist in concentrating exclusively on the negative aspects, such as our health problems, our lack of money, our difficult family relationships, our unhappiness with our friends, etc.”

In comparison to everything we have in our life, the dark patches are incredibly minor, but they are the ones that contaminate our brains.

Don’t focus on the negative aspects of your life. Enjoy every blessing and moment that life has to offer. Be cheerful and live a life positively!”

The lesson of the story:

Life is a mixed bag, the lecturer said, with both good and unpleasant things. We all experience both good and bad things in life.

But in order to live a healthy and happy life, we must always place a bigger emphasis on the positives. Do not waste your time dwelling on the negatives because life will continue regardless of what happens.