The man who collected coins for 45 years took it to the bank with a truck and counted how much money he managed to collect during this time. - Planetee. Info

In the early 70s, Ota Anders embarked on a remarkable journey – he started collecting one-penny coins. Little did he know that this hobby would shape his life for the next 45 years. Every day without fail, Ota meticulously gathered these coins and stored them in massive cans. He saw it as a way to express gratitude for the small, yet meaningful, things life bestowed upon him.

Ota’s dedication to his penny collection was unwavering. He diligently saved coins, even if they were simply leftovers from a purchase or a serendipitous discovery on the sidewalk. With time, his collection grew so substantially that he had to convert his basement into a makeshift warehouse to accommodate the abundance of cans.

Finally, the day arrived when Ota’s curiosity got the best of him. Eager to uncover the true value of his collection, Ota loaded all the cans into a truck and made his way to the bank. The cashiers at the bank were astonished by the sight, but they quickly set to work, pouring the coins into the counting machine.

As the machine whirred to life, it became apparent that Ota had accumulated an astounding 500,000 coins, weighing a total of 1,270 kilograms. However, the grand sum amounted to a modest $5,136. While this may not have been a substantial fortune, Ota found great joy in his savings. It was a testament to his steadfastness and a reward for his relentless pursuit of gratitude.

With this newfound sum, Ota now plans to embark on a well-deserved rest. His long journey as a penny collector has come to an end. As he contemplates the future, he realizes it’s time to discover a fresh hobby, one that will capture his imagination and bring him a renewed sense of purpose.

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