Cows. Some of us pass some of them daily without even noticing the enormous animals. Cows are typically utilized for milk production and meat production; however, Ghost is an exceptional cow that some claim to be the world’s smartest cow.

Horse trainer Megan Reimann raised ghost, and Megan has taught Ghost how to do many tricks, kind of like those that horses can do. Ghost can:

Identify colors

Spin in a circle

Give kisses

Fist bump

Stay in place on command

Come when called


Stand on a pedestal

Touch a cowbell

Nod yes on command

Ghost recently attempted to set a world record for the most maneuvers performed by a cow in under 60 seconds with the help of trainer Megan. When put to the test, Ghost completed each work flawlessly, within the allocated time, and broke several records.

When asked to complete the acts in under a minute, the cow briefly experienced stage fright, but she eventually did so beautifully.

Unbelievable as it may seem, there is a list of animals in the Guinness World Records that have broken records by pulling off various feats. Dogs, cats, parrots, bunnies, and even guinea pigs are on the list. By completing ten stunts in 60 seconds, a cow has become a member of the list for the first time.

As you can expect, there are a variety of viewpoints expressed in the comment area.

According to @invinciblegamer_2006, “Every cowboy’s dream cow.”

The skeptic @charlesxstorm tweets, “Ghost just wants more treat.”

In response, @illidanStormrage222 wrote, “I’ve seen cows playing soccer so, sorry, but Ghost record have to be questioned.”

Regardless of how you want to look at it, Ghost’s new world record will leave an indelible mark on history.