The sacrifices mothers make for their children are all too easily overlooked

Time is precious, and this story is living proof. The sacrifices mothers make for their children are all too easily overlooked.

Although women don’t usually complain about such hardships, preferring instead to rejoice in being able to give the best to their children, they would do well to at least think about themselves once in a while.

While taking her child to school, this woman had an epiphany that she wanted to share with all other mums.

As she walked with her son, the woman was thinking about all she had to do for her children that day: make them dinner, pick them up from school, get them to brush their teeth before bed, and more.

Her mind had already become accustomed to thinking only of the children’s welfare and the things they needed.

But when she got home, she put all the chores aside and wrote this touching letter, hoping it would reach as many other mothers as possible and help them realize what really matters in life.

The title is evocative and well-chosen: ‘last time’. We leave you to read her wise words, for other words would be superfluous.

“From the moment you embrace your child for the first time, you will never be the same person again.

Maybe you’ll miss those times when you had all the freedom and time in the world to do what you wanted when you didn’t yet know what it meant to be truly exhausted and when every day was different.
Now, everything has changed.

You change your baby’s diapers and you hear him crying. The fights and the demands don’t stop, and it all seems like an endless circle.

But remember: there’s a last time for everything. The day will come when you feed your baby for the last time. When he falls asleep in your arms for the last time after a tiring day.

And the last time you’ll be able to cuddle him while he sleeps. The last time you’ll wash his hair or hold his hand on the street.

After that, he’ll never need you the way he used to. He won’t wake you up in the middle of the night and ask you for a cuddle anymore.

Now you sing him songs and play together, but that too will soon stop.

When you drive him to school, you kiss him goodbye, but maybe even tomorrow he’ll ask you to stop doing that. You’ll read him one last bedtime story and wipe his face.

He’ll jump into your arms one last time.

You’ll never know you’re doing something for the last time, you’ll only realize when it’s too late. Even then, you will need some time to fully realize what is happening.

So when you do all this for your child, enjoy it, because it won’t last forever.

Once that time is over, you’ll find that you’d give anything just to experience it one more time.”