Abby Sciuto, portrayed by the beloved actress Pauley Perrette, was without a doubt a fan favorite on the hit TV show NCIS. Viewers were captivated by her unique Gothic style, which beautifully contrasted with her always cheerful demeanor. At one point, Pauley was one of the most popular actresses on primetime television in the US. So when she announced her decision to leave the show, fans were left devastated. But what exactly led to her departure? Let’s find out.

Pauley’s exit from NCIS at the end of season 15 came as quite a shock to fans. On the show, her character resigned after surviving an assassination attempt. However, multiple reports suggest that the real reason behind her departure was a falling out with series lead, Mark Harmon.

It’s been said that the two stars had a number of clashes behind the scenes in 2016, triggered by an incident where Mark’s dog bit a crew member, requiring 15 stitches. Interestingly, during Pauley’s emotional final episode, she didn’t have any scenes with Mark’s character, Gibbs. Instead, Abby bid farewell to her other colleagues at NCIS HQ and left Gibbs a heartfelt letter, watching from the street as he read it.

After the episode aired, Pauley took to Twitter to share a series of vague tweets that seemed to reference the incident. In one tweet, she stated, “I refused to go low, that’s why I’ve never told publicly what happened. But there are tabloid articles out there that are telling total lies about me. If you believe them? Please leave me alone.

You clearly don’t know me.” The following day, she added, “Maybe I’m wrong for not ‘spilling the beans.’ Telling the story, THE TRUTH. I feel I have to protect my crew, jobs, and so many people. But at what cost? I don’t know.” Pauley also expressed her frustration with the false stories being circulated about her and the lack of accountability from a powerful publicity machine. She concluded her tweets by revealing that she had experienced multiple physical assaults and urged others to prioritize their safety and speak up.

In response to the situation, CBS released a statement acknowledging Pauley’s workplace concern and assuring a commitment to a safe work environment. However, the tensions between Pauley and Mark seemed to persist, leading Pauley to express her fear of him attacking her and causing her nightmares. Despite the speculation and curiosity from fans about a possible return to NCIS, Pauley firmly stated on Twitter that she would not be coming back and emphasized her focus on a new show that provided a safe and happy environment.

Following her departure from NCIS, Pauley briefly starred in the CBS sitcom Broke before officially retiring from acting in 2020. While her time on NCIS may have come to an end under difficult circumstances, Pauley remains a respected and beloved figure in the entertainment industry.