Contestant Henry delivered an extreme fist pump after winning a trip to Hawaii.

Who knew The Price Is Right had a danger area?

A fellow named Henry recently won a guessing game, leaped up and down, and pounded his fists excitedly, and it seems he did so powerfully enough to pop his shoulder out of its socket.

After Henry and his wife, Alice, had already departed the event, Drew Carey, the host, said, “Let me explain what happened.” Henry shouted, “Woo!” and jumped up and down, dislocating his shoulder.

The former Drew Carey Show actor exhaled into the audience and added, “I know.”

As a result, he won’t be able to spin the wheel, but 65-year-old Carey said Alice would do it in his place.

Alice spun a 95 cents, displaying her luck streak, much like her husband, to get as near to $1 as possible. Carey laughed and said, “Don’t hurt yourself!” Alice clapped in response.

The show’s official Instagram page tweeted a video with the remark, “Update: Henry is feeling better and all healed now! He won a vacation to Hawaii and the ER.”

“What a trooper!” cried one supporter. “He played the entire game despite visibly feeling uncomfortable.”

“Omg! Feel better, Henry, that’s absurd,” another poster commented. “You can relax in Hawaii.”

“Now that’s a celebration!” someone exclaimed

The program has seen injuries before, but Henry’s is not the first. In 1998, Scott, a contestant, had a knee injury while hoping to win a brand-new station wagon.

Then, in 2014, according to Today, a contestant named Judy was required to do the Showcase Showdown while using crutches after slipping and hurting her ankle. Carey announced that she would go to the hospital after the show.

In the first episode Carey hosted in 2007, he essentially risked his life and limb when his arm became snagged during Grocery Game.