The outrage over a neighbor’s call to the cops about a 12-year-old mowing lawn has gone viral

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Reggie Fields, a 12-year-old entrepreneur at the time, was summoned by the police while mowing a lawn and sweeping up grass cuttings as part of a paid task.

Mr. Reggie Lawn Cutting Service, Reggie’s enterprise, is a summer lawn care service that he created and developed on his own. So, why did the cops show up?

Why Did the 12-Year-Old Entrepreneur’s Neighbors Call the Cops?

Even at the age of 12, Reggie, a resident of Maple Heights, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland), aspired to make a life for himself.

As a result, he established Mr. Reggie Lawn Cutting Service. He worked hard to obtain the resources he required, using friends and family members.

After that, he went to work. Reggie and some of his lawn care company employees were dragging their lawn care equipment outside of a store one day when it moved Lucille Holt-Colden.

Mr. Reggie Grass Cutting Service was hired to take care of her lawn.

She spotted a police car pull up as she watched the four children (two girls and two boys) mow and rake the grass off the sidewalk and the neighbor’s driveway.

Reggie had accidentally cut a little section of their backyard, and her neighbors had called the cops.

Lucille shared a video on Facebook, and the tale quickly went viral, garnering over half a million views. Here’s the link to the video:

Many individuals joined the viral train once the video went viral. Paulfoisy, a TikTok star, shared a video titled “Neighbor Calls Cop on 12 Year Old For Mowing Lawn… But Then It Backfires in the Best Way Possible,” he explains the story, and one of his videos has over 170,000 views now.

Lucille was particularly irritated by the neighbor’s decision to call the cops without first speaking to the children or herself.

“They should be thankful these kids aren’t out there bashing their car windows out,” she stated in the video. They should be grateful that the kids aren’t taking their cars.”

Despite the fact that the police did nothing to harm Reggie or the other children, the children’s terrifying experience at work remains.

“I was nervous,” Reggie told The Cleveland Plain Dealer. I was expecting them to inform me that I was in danger.”

The 12-year-old entrepreneur was relieved that the police visit went smoothly and that his lawncare business was unaffected.

“I just went away and cut the grass at another lady’s property.” “I just walked away, like nothing was wrong, and went back to my own world,” he explained.

“I’m so thrilled you’re out here doing something wonderful,” Lucille told the kids. You shouldn’t have the cops called on you just because you’re mowing the lawn.”

Paulfoisy, a TikTok personality, continues the story in a second video:

As paulfoisy pointed out, the scenario backfired on the neighbor because viewers were shocked by the neighbors’ behavior…


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