Hopkins’ fans have some bad news. The Welsh actor, best known for his role in The Silence of the Lambs, is rumored to be retiring from acting at 85, with immediate effect.

Acting is no longer a pleasurable experience.

According to an unnamed source, he may have said, “As we get older, there are periods of life that we enter, and being an actor just isn’t fun anymore.”

Other sources, who did not provide details, suggested that he would venture into other creative sectors in which he excels and is more interested.

The hashtag #ThankYouAnthony trended briefly on Twitter. Some admirers may be intrigued as they recall the beautiful moments they shared with him.

Anthony Hopkins has maintained his sobriety for 47 years.

The two-time Oscar winner celebrated by posting a motivational message on Instagram about the importance of self-love.

“I simply want to wish everyone a happy new year and to say I’m celebrating 47 years of sobriety today,” Hopkins, 84, said.

“This letter isn’t meant to be serious, but I hope it’s helpful. I’m a recovering alcoholic. Many people are struggling, so this is for you.”

“Be gentle to yourself in this day and age of cancel and hatred and non-compromise, children being bullied,” he continued.

“Please be considerate. If someone offends you, avoid engaging in toxic relationships with them. Have fun with your life. Be content with your life.”

“I just had to admit one day that there was something genuinely wrong with me,” the actor said.

“I had no idea it was a mental, physical, and emotional illness caused by addiction or alcoholism. In addition, I have no expertise in the field of pharmaceuticals. I am ignorant. But I’ve found a life where I’m not bullied.”

“I want to tell all you young people who are being bullied into taking note – you should be proud of yourself,” Hopkins said.

“Pay no attention to them. Allow no one to diminish you. Anxiety and depression can coexist in the human experience on occasion. Life is difficult.”

“However, if you need help with addictions or problems, talk to someone. Go to a 12-step program or talk to a counselor with someone you respect,” he advised.

“Every city and country in the world has 12-step programs to help you figure out who you are. You will have a completely new life, and it will be free.”

Hopkins went on to say that despite being “an old sinner, like everyone,” and “not a do-gooder,” he has “the best life he could dream.”

“Wishing everyone a healthy 2023,” he wrote in the image’s description.