The nurse examined Lucy’s twins before releasing her, so when she received them back, Lucy was surprised. Lucy had given birth to a boy and a girl, and the nurse brought two newborn girls after the checkup.

After a protracted period of infertility treatment, Lucy and her husband Ross were ecstatic to learn they were expecting twins.

The scan revealed they were expecting male and girl twins, and the couple was eager for their arrival. After the checkup, the nurse brought back the kids, who were both girls. Lucy’s face started to flush.

“What happened to my son? What clearly did you do to him? And whose child is this other girl’s? She yelled, casting her attention to the nurse who had just escorted the kids inside.”

“They are your daughters, ma’am,” Savannah, the nurse replied, her eyes fixated on the papers. “I checked the reports twice and am positive there are no errors.”

“Have you gone entirely insane?” Lucy lost her cool. “I have all the documentation to show that I was supposed to have a boy and a girl as children. ” I learned this same information after delivery. They can’t possibly be females, both of them!”

Lucy noticed the nurse’s fear when she looked up from her paperwork. Dr. Linda Carter entered just as she was about to address her. “Madam, would you please quiet down?” She explained that there are other patients in this hospital to Lucy.

“Quiet? Seriously?” Lucy fixed her attention on her. “Your nurse presents me with an unrelated child and then reassures me that she is right! Is that how the management of your hospital operates? Is it required for me to inform the chief doctor of the problem and get in touch with him?”

“I agree with my wife, doctor. We don’t want to make a scene, either,” Ross intervened to assist. On the other hand, your nurse is lying. Although we don’t know why she’s acting in this way, if our son isn’t returned soon, we’ll have to call the police.

Dr. Carter pleaded with the man to calm down. There must be some miscommunication going on here. Savannah has worked at this facility for a while now. She might have brought the incorrect documents.

Do you mind, Savannah, if I glance at the papers? Dr. Carter had a question. However, Savannah resisted giving it to her and started stuttering, “No, ma’am, there’s no need… I mean, I double-checked, and everything checks out.”

It’s okay, Dr. Carter muttered to her after seeing something wasn’t quite right. Let me quickly go over the reports. But upon closer inspection, she realized Lucy was right.

“Please give me a minute, ma’am,” she said, flipping over the pages. “I think Savannah brought the wrong paperwork. Savannah was baffled because Lucy Matthews was another patient.”

“I’m glad you realized your mistake,” Lucy said, glaring at her. “The next time, I would suggest that you employ responsible people as staff members!”

I’m sorry, ma’am, Dr. Carter said as she turned to face Savannah. Savannah, would you be willing to accompany me? I want you to look up the necessary reports for me.

Savannah followed Dr. Carter fast, but Lucy noted that she was walking away with tears in her eyes. She made the decision to go into Dr. Carter and Savannah because she had the unsettling suspicion they were up to something.

After seeing them both enter Dr. Carter’s office, she heard a scream. She concluded that Savannah must be the one. The door was half open, so Lucy sat on one of the seats outside the room and listened to what they were saying.

“What were you thinking, Savannah?”  The voice of Dr. Carter was severe. “Today at 10:30 a.m., Lucy Matthews gave birth to twins—a boy and a girl. That was also included in the reports. Why are you tricking them, then? Tell the truth!”

“I didn’t have a choice, ma’am,” Savannah cried. “The second new baby girl’s mother is my sister. She passed quite soon after giving birth since her spouse had abandoned her after learning of the pregnancy. I had the option of adopting her, but my husband refused.”

Consider placing her in a nursing home, I say. The proposition was made by Dr. Carter. She would be well cared for there.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but I can’t be of any assistance. Savannah was in tears. “My sister’s last wish for her daughter was for her to grow up in a loving household.

“When I saw Mrs. Matthews and her husband supporting one another this morning, I thought they would make a great family for her. Thus, I made the decision to give Mrs. Matthew’s child to my sister in exchange for her daughter and to place him in a nursing facility.

But Savannah, that’s not right, said Dr. Carter. “We must prevent that from happening. Find Mrs. Matthews’ son right away. And without a doubt, this should be a private matter between us. I’ll see what I can do to help you, please.

When Lucy heard the tale, she started crying. There was no evil intent behind the child exchange. A helpless mother hoped that a good family would adopt her niece. I must admit that I am sorry for the child. Lucy went back to her room and thought.

A short while afterwards, Dr. Carter went back to Lucy’s room and handed Lucy’s baby child over. “Ma’am, please accept my apologies for the confusion. I apologize on behalf of my coworkers, Dr. Carter said.

After hearing the whole story earlier, Lucy decided against making a complaint against her. But each time she attempted to fall asleep at home that evening, her thoughts kept returning to the sad girl and her innocent face kept appearing in her vision.

The following morning during breakfast, Lucy stated, “I can’t forget about her, Ross.” “The other night I had a dream about a girl who had accidentally stumbled into our home and was now peacefully residing with us. Even though I know it’s ridiculous, I can’t shake the idea.

It’s because of what happened yesterday, honey,” Ross said. “Get yourself distracted by doing something else. Do you want to go somewhere with me?

“Ross, no,” Lucy murmured as she fixed him with a look. “I don’t feel like leaving that kid behind. She is someone I want to adopt.”

“Nevertheless, honey! Ross cried. “Are you sure? We already have to take care of two children, so having a third would be too much! Avoid basing decisions on your feelings! We have to be practical.”

“Ross, I’m sorry, but excuse me. I can’t even convince myself. I decided to adopt her after giving the matter much attention. Do you think we can get to the hospital today?”

“The situation is fine, honey. I agree with everything you decide, but I worry it will be too much for you.”

“Ross, I’m confident I can manage it. Please?” Lucy was unwavering.

Initially opposed to the adoption, Ross had a change of heart after holding the child in his arms. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of him, and they were brown with a hint of green. Ross was, to put it mildly, taken aback by her seeming innocence.

“I’m glad you two Matthews thought about adopting her,” t he doctor told them.

“Well, doctor, we’ve tried everything for children, therefore we can’t just accept a child’s visit move on.” It will take some time, but I will submit the paperwork now to expedite the process.

As the doctor had said, it took some time, but Lucy and Ross had no second thoughts about their choice. When they brought the child home, they felt that their family had become fully complete. The young girl was given the name Amelia.

Savannah learned that Lucy and Ross had adopted the child and couldn’t thank them enough, so she came to meet them. Since then, she has established herself as a regular at the Matthews’, spending the majority of her weekends with Amelia, Sia, and Mark, the children of Lucy.

What can we learn from this story?

Some accidents are really gorgeous. Savannah sent Amelia to Lucy in hopes that she would find a suitable family to adopt her, and the poor child was eventually taken in by a great family.