Celine Dion’s Las Vegas commitment in late 2021 was forced to be postponed when she announced she was unable to perform due to “severe and persistent muscular spasms.”

Since then, the 54-year-old singer has been deafeningly silent regarding her health, prompting fans to speculate about her issues. Her sister, Claudette, said: “What’s happening to her is awful.” However, it is not a serious concern.

Although Celine hasn’t offered any further information about her health, we spoke with Dr. Giuseppe Aragona, a GP and OnlinePrescriptionDoctor’s health expert, about the conditions that might be causing Celine’s severe muscle spasms.

“Muscle spasms are not normally a cause for concern and can occur for a number of causes, making it frequently difficult to characterize the problem,” says Dr. Giuseppe Aragona.

“There might be a wide range of explanations for recurring muscular spasms,” Dr. Ahmed explains. Given that Celine’s sister stated that the celebrity’s illness was not life-threatening, any of these theories may be to blame.


“Excessive stress may be a factor.” Dr. Ahmed claims that when we are stressed, our adrenal glands release the hormone cortisol, which can induce muscular spasms.

Unusual electrolyte levels

Electrolyte imbalances can also contribute to severe or long-lasting muscle spasms. In addition to dehydration, low sodium or potassium levels can cause muscular spasms.

Excessive physical activity

Although muscles may develop in physically active persons, flexibility may not. You run the danger of acquiring small muscle spasms if you don’t stretch.

“Given that Celion is an active performer and somebody who may work out regularly, it is probable that her style of life is what is causing the spasms,” Dr. Guiseppe Aragona says. She might have muscular soreness, and it’s probable that she doesn’t stretch sufficiently before and after any physical exercise or performance that could cause muscle spasms. Exercise in the heat can cause muscle spasms; if she lives in a warm environment, this could be the cause.

Multiple sclerosis or thyroid disease

Spasms, according to Dr. Giuseppe Aragona, can occasionally be a symptom of an underlying medical condition such as thyroid illness or multiple sclerosis. “If a person has regular spasms, he or she should consult a doctor.”

Celine Dion confirmed the postponement of her tour on Instagram.

Whatever the source of Celine’s health problems, we wish her a speedy recovery.