After her tummy expanded uncontrollably for two years owing to an unknown ailment, a mother of two can hardly move.

At first impression, the woman appeared to be considered pregnant. No one could explain why her stomach had expanded into a gigantic round.

It was a puzzle.

Huang Guoxian, a farmer from China’s Guizhou Province, claims her abdomen weighs 44 pounds and continues to increase.

She has problems sleeping and standing for lengthy periods of time, according to the 36-year-old.

She’s been to her local hospital several times, where physicians have performed a battery of tests and attempted a variety of therapies, but her tummy continues to grow. Despite the fact that her limbs, legs, and face were shrinking, her belly continued to expand.

The situation deteriorated further. The woman began to have difficulty walking, eating, and even breathing.

Huang claims that her husband is gone at work, making it difficult for her to care for her son and daughter, so she enlists the support of her grandparents and children to help around the house.

She’s also trying to gather money to cover the escalating medical costs of determining what’s wrong with her.

Huang claims that when her belly started expanding two years ago, she was in pain, but that medicine helped to reduce the pain, and that her belly has continued to grow.

According to the Daily Mail, which cites Chinese sources, doctors revealed she had a number of ailments, including liver cirrhosis, ovarian cancer, and an abnormal buildup of fluid in the belly and chest.

One doctor tried to drain the excess fluid, but her tummy only grew back, while another speculated that she might have a benign tumor.

She’s frequently mistaken for a heavily pregnant lady, and the mass has caused her a great deal of distress.

According to the Daily Mail, she said, “I would become furious by the smallest movement.”

She’s now attempting to raise $4,241 for a potentially life-saving operation.

I can’t imagine how terrible and sad this woman must be, and my heart breaks for her because she doesn’t have the financial means to cover all of the expenditures related to diagnosing and treating her.

I’m hoping that treatment can be developed soon so that she can resume her usual life. Please spread the word.