Fans have been curious about Bruce Willis’ health since he announced his retirement last year. Willis’ family announced in March of last year that the actor would be retiring from acting due to an aphasia diagnosis that is impairing his cognitive ability.

Aphasia is a neurological condition that makes it difficult for people to understand and communicate. A person suffering from aphasia may struggle to find the right words, use the wrong ones, or make brief, ambiguous statements. This is possible if the left half of the brain, which controls language, is injured.

Bruce Willis’ close friend and co-star, Sylvester Stallone, provided a tragic update on the former.

Willis, who appeared in the film “Armageddon,” is well-known to Stallone. He claimed that Willis’ health has been “incommunicado” since the diagnosis. When the actor’s diagnosis was revealed in March, Stallone sent a heartfelt Instagram message to wish him well.

“Bruce is going through some extremely difficult times. That irritates me. It’s very sad.”

Willis and Stallone have been close friends both on and off the set since Willis’ first appearance in Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables series.

According to people who worked with Willis on his most recent film, the actor has recently shown signs of decline. Around 20 people who worked on set with Willis are worried about his well-being.

Bruce Willis’ ex-wife Demi Moore recently made contact with him, his wife, Emma Heming Willis, and their children in a series of heartfelt Instagram photos.

Moore simply captioned the series of photos, “Our family unit! “Getting into the holiday spirit!” – proving that she and the Die Hard actor are still in touch after their divorce and his heartbreaking aphasia diagnosis.

Ten months after his initial diagnosis, a rumor about the actor’s illness and its alleged cause began circulating.

The story began in Willis’ inner circle in March, when an unknown source revealed that the actor had health issues five years prior. According to the German magazine Filmstarts, the incident occurred in 2003 while “Tears of the Sun” was filmed.

Bruce Willis’s family has yet to confirm this.

Because there is no known medical cure for aphasia, the primary form of treatment is speech and language therapy. Language skills must be honed, relearned, and new communication methods developed.

Most people recover to some extent; some see significant changes within a few months, while others may need to find alternative forms of communication. Those suffering from aphasia caused by a progressive neurological condition have a lower chance of recovery.

Bruce Willis has largely disappeared from public view since being diagnosed with cancer, but members of his family and friends have kept fans updated on his condition.

Demi Moore, Willis’ ex-wife, revealed a few details about the family’s joint Christmas celebrations in December. Willis’ family is doing everything they can to help him with his health.

Everyone around him is focused on the good and joyful times. His fans all over the world wish him a speedy recovery.