A remarkable commitment was made by Fred Gilland when he married Janice Gillard 51 years ago.

The Knoxville, Tennessee (USA) man made a commitment to her that he would be by her side till the very end. He claims he plans to keep that commitment throughout the rest of his life.

For Fred, honouring his word means making the daily trip to the cemetery where his wife is laid to rest for the rest of his life. Fred, who is currently 78 years old, is determined that he would not let life stand in the way of spending time with the person he loves.

“I’ve adored her since I saw her, she was extraordinarily gorgeous,” admits Gillard. The last ten years have seen this man sitting in the rain or the wind at his wife’s grave. He claims that whenever he visits, memories of the time he spent with this powerful woman, who prioritized her family above all else and possessed a voice that even Elvis would have loved, come flooding back.

He maintains his commitment and the love he bears alive by doing this daily ritual to commemorate the memory of his wife. His love story serves as a role model for all couples.