A heartwarming story is going viral this week, and it showcases an incredible comeback from a 6-year-old girl that will leave you amazed. It all happened in a classroom, where the teacher was talking about evolution. The teacher asked a boy named Tommy a series of questions, leading up to a final question about the existence of God. Tommy answered that he couldn’t see God.

The teacher then used Tommy’s response to make a point, saying that since we couldn’t see God, then He doesn’t exist. That’s when the little girl decided to speak up. She raised her hand and asked if she could pose some questions to Tommy. The teacher agreed, and the girl began her line of inquiry.

She asked Tommy if he could see the tree outside, and he said yes. She then asked about the grass, and again, Tommy answered yes. Next, she asked him if he saw the sky, and Tommy confirmed that he did see it. With each question, Tommy grew more and more tired of answering.

Finally, the little girl asked Tommy if he saw their teacher. Tommy responded with a yes. Then she asked him if he could see their teacher’s brain. Tommy had to admit that he couldn’t see her brain.

And here came the perfect response: the little girl concluded that if Tommy couldn’t see their teacher’s brain, then, according to what they were taught that day in school, she must not have one either!

This clever and witty response from the little girl left everyone in the classroom amazed and laughing. It showed that sometimes, the simplest and most innocent minds can come up with the most powerful arguments.