After a catastrophic cosmetic treatment terminated her career as a top model, Linda Evangelista consented to make a comeback. She underwent cryolipolysis to remove a layer of fat that was disfiguring her five years ago, and she has just unveiled the results.

What does Linda Evangelista look like now that she has undergone reconstructive surgery?

Linda Evangelista has had a distinctive reputation in the fashion world for a long time. She worked as a top model for some of the most recognizable brands in the world, and her beauty mesmerized millions of people. Because of his attempt to fix particular problems, she lost her identity, and her career was doomed.

At the time, no one understood why Linda refused to go in front of the cameras, but later she told the whole truth. Zeltiq created the cryolipolysis procedure known as CoolSculpting to reduce the fat layer. The model, on the other hand, experienced the opposite outcome; even after two arduous and unsuccessful repair procedures, the treatment expanded fat cells and permanently deformed them.

“Today, I made a significant step in making up for a mistake I concealed for five years. I explain that I left the profession, unlike my colleagues because of the horrendous scars left behind by a surgery that accomplished everything it was supposed to. It left me permanently deformed, even after two excruciating remedial surgeries that failed. As the press defines me, I stayed unrecognizable,” the former model wrote at the time.

After sharing her story, Linda Evangelista agreed to have a photo series for the magazine “People” taken. In order to show the impact of paradoxical adipose hyperplasia (PAH), which was brought on by the cosmetic therapy she underwent, she wore a t-shirt with straps and exposed both her face and the side of her bust.

Linda filed a lawsuit against Zeltiq last year, alleging that the company destroyed information on a side effect she experienced after neglecting to disclose it. She sought $50 million in compensation for her daily suffering as well as the end of his career.

“It was fun to circle the podium. I’m suddenly afraid of bumping into a familiar face. I cannot keep hiding and feeling ashamed in this manner. I can’t stand to feel any more pain. I’m now finally prepared to speak,” she said.