The Carter Family Shares Update On Rosalynn Carter's Health

Sad news has recently been shared about the health of Rosalynn Carter, the former First Lady of the United States. Just three days after entering hospice care, she has passed away. CNN reports that the Carter Center, on behalf of the Carter family, has provided an update on her condition.

According to the statement released by Jason Carter, the Carters’ grandson, Rosalynn Carter had entered hospice care at home. She, along with her husband, former President Jimmy Carter, and their family, are spending quality time together. The family has requested privacy during this difficult time but remains grateful for the love and support they have received.

In the past week, the spotlight has been on Jimmy Carter as he celebrated his 99th birthday. The beloved former President, born and raised in Plains, Georgia, continues to defy all odds. With a life that spans almost a century, he has surpassed all other former Presidents in longevity.

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter, both natives of Plains, live in the town that has embraced them wholeheartedly. They built their home in 1961 and spend their days in each other’s company, cherishing the simple moments. Despite facing health challenges, with Rosalynn’s dementia diagnosis in May 2023 and Jimmy receiving hospice care, they remain resilient spirits.

While the couple prefers the comfort of their home, they surprised everyone with a rare public appearance at the Plains Peanut Festival. The festival, held on September 23, drew crowds eager to catch a glimpse of the Carters. As a black Chevy Suburban, driven by a Secret Service agent, arrived at the parade, excitement filled the air.

Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter took their place in the backseat, holding hands as they always do. The gasps of the crowd quickly turned into cheers as people realized the significance of the moment. For many, this may have been their last opportunity to see the ex-President, and the atmosphere was filled with overwhelming emotions.

Jimmy Carter’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. Despite battling cancer that spread to his brain and liver in 2015, which is often fatal, he continues to defy the odds. Initially, doctors predicted he might not live past a week in February 2023. Yet, here we are, nearly six months later, witnessing his unwavering spirit and zest for life.

Jimmy Carter remains engaged in the world around him. He follows the upcoming election and the success of his favorite baseball team, the Atlanta Braves. He enjoys watching episodes of “Law and Order” and discussing current events. A man known for his dedication to others, he always makes time for his loved ones.

Jimmy Carter served as the 39th President of the United States from 1977 to 1981. Prior to his presidency, he also served as the governor of Georgia and a Georgia state senator. As he celebrated his 99th birthday, we honor his incredible achievements and send our best wishes for the days ahead.

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